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Los astronautas (El Chavo Animado)

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Los astronautas (El Chavo Animado)
Wish the final series had been like this.
Series: El Chavo Animado
Part of Season: 0
Episode Number: 0
Air Date: None (It was never supposed to be aired)
Director: None
Next episode: Balooney

Los astronautas (Alternate title) is the pilot episode of El Chavo Animado.

Why It Rocks

  1. Chavo and Quico have better voices there.
  2. The plot is fun and faithful to the original series, as it's about Quico playing with his ball and then comes El Chavo who after a little argument, they play astronauts.
  3. The neighborhood background looks much more fluid and better animated.
  4. The space background is also well done.
  5. The pilot gives the appearance of the memorable character Chilindrina, which unfortunately didn't appear in the final series. She has a good voice by the way.
  6. The sound effects are kinda better than in the final show.
  7. It uses the song from the original show ("The Elephant Never Forgets" that's a version of Marcia alla turca), which is a nice touch.

Bad Qualities

  1. It's quite short, lasting only two minutes.
  2. Doña Florinda design looks slightly worse than in the final series.



  • This is the only appearance of Chilindrina in the animated series.