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Love Live! Nijigasaki School Idol Club

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Love Live! Nijigasaki School Idol Club


We are rivals, but also companions!
Genre: Comedy
Slice of Life
Running Time: 24 minutes
Country: Japan
Release Date: October 3, 2020 – June 25, 2022
Network(s): Tokyo MX
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 26

Love Live! Nijigasaki School Idol Club is a Japanese anime that aired on October 3, 2020 based on a multimedia idol project. The story had a great distinction from its original mobile phone game, Love Live! School Idol Festival: All Stars.Z


Ordinary high school sophomore, Takasaki Yu and her childhood sweetheart Uehara Ayumu, both came to interest with school idol activities after watching their classmate, Yuki Setsuna's farewell perform. While Ayumu, decided to become a school idol, invited Yuu to witness her dream come to reality, Yu set out to rebuild the school idol club of her school with its former member, freshman Nakasa "Kasumin" Kasumi, and began to support her newcoming comrades, including the returning Yuki Setsuna, as she felt much excitement from it.

Why It Makes us Tokimeki

  1. The story itself is a great improvement from the 2 predecessors, directed by Hanada Juuki, also the original game, for once there's no school abolishment, having its own unique story and it's the first time ever that the school idols didn't work together as a group, focusing more on the characters' unique traits and their personal relationships.
  2. The designs of the introduced characters aren't so repetitive as the former story, and they are still cute as usual.
  3. Not being a school idol but a support, Takasaki Yu is very likable, while she also had lots of catchy moments.
    • Besides her friendship with Ayumu and Setsuna, her own story of being a songwriter is also interesting.
  4. Unlike the game had Shioriko and Lanshu as opponents, most of the challenges the characters met came from their relationship and personality weaknesses, as others work with it together.
    • Saying of antagonists, Ayanokouji Himeno might seemed to be jealous and scheming toward them in episode 9, however it turned out that she's not so bad while subdued to Karin's performance, as she is actually a fan of hers.
  5. Plenty of heart-catching moments surrounding the school idols' friendship and their growth.
  6. It saved the series, especially Tenojou Rina and Kanata Konoe's popularity, as their background and inner development were complete.
  7. Beautiful MV with good use of CGI effects, while the new songs are also beautiful.
  8. The ending of Episode 11 and the following episode is shocking and interesting, as Ayumu goes insane toward Yu and pushes her to a bed, worrying about Yu becoming more distant from her so she tells her to just belong to her.
  9. Zhong Lanzhu, the controversial (former) antagonist in the game, wasn't introduced in the first season, and her traits in the second season seemed likable from her game counterpart, as she is no longer tyranny and selfish but being a honorable rival ,even supported the main characters.
    • Speaking of her and other R3BIRTH members, they got their redemption from the original game, as they are no longer mean-spirited and hostile toward the School Idol Club, but willing to befriend and support the protagonists as well.
    • Mifune Shioriko's interaction with Yuki Setsuna also differed from the "club abolish" plot, while she didn't set hostile toward Yuki Setsuna (while knowing her true identify by accident).
  10. It's not Kasukasu, but Kasumin!

Bad Qualities

  1. Ai's episodes in both seasons may suffered from a weak plot, while Ai's setback wasn't so hard like others had.The pacing was also medicore by contrary to other episodes.
  2. The pacing of some episodes from the second season could be too slow to watch.
  3. R3BIRTH didn't got their team song performed, though we still have a chance to see it in the movie.
  4. Some audience might not be happy about Shioriko's absence in the first season, as she had also become a member of the school idol club in the game.


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