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Making Fiends (Web and TV Series)

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Making Fiends
Making Fiends Logo.png
Genre: Science fantasy
Comedy horror
Dark humor
Dark comedy
Running Time: 2-6 minutes (web series)
21 minutes (3 7-minute segments)
Country: United States
Release Date: July 14, 2003 - November 24, 2005 (
October 4 - November 1, 2008 (TV series)
March 6 - December 5, 2012; April 1, 2015 (YouTube)
Network(s): (web series; 2003-2005)
Nicktoons (TV series)
YouTube (web series; 2012-2015)
Created by: Amy Winfrey
Distributed by: ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks
Starring: Amy Winfrey
Aglaia Mortcheva
Peter Merryman
Dave Wasson (TV Series)
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 6 (18 segments)

Making Fiends is an American Flash cartoon series created by Amy Winfrey. Its first episode was uploaded to YouTube on July 14, 2003. On October 4, 2008, a television series of the same name based on the web series aired for the first time on Nicktoons.


It follows the interactions between Vendetta, a villainous girl that regularly makes monsters called "fiends", and Charlotte, a cheerful and naive girl who thinks that Vendetta is her best friend. Charlotte unintentionally irritates and annoys Vendetta.

Why These Shows Rock

  1. The setting Clamburg is a very good setting.
  2. Nice animation in both the Web and TV series.
  3. The idea of a blue girl who is nice, and a green girl who is mean-spirited and evil is very creative.
  4. Creative story writing, in most episodes at least.
  5. Great characters such as:
    1. Charlotte
    2. Vendetta
    3. Grudge (or in Vendetta's case Hamster)
    4. Marvin
    5. Marion
    6. Mr. Milk
  6. Catchy theme song.
    • The only difference is that the web version has a short intro, while the TV series has a 30-second theme song with more lyrics.
  7. Nice soundtrack.
  8. "Tee-Hee."
  9. The voice acting in both the TV series and Web series is excellent.
  10. It is available on YouTube (both the web and TV series). The TV series version was uploaded by a YouTuber named "StupidBlueGirl".
  11. Vendetta's fiends are very interesting.
  12. It was one of Amy Winfrey's most successful series due to it's web popularity.

Bad Qualities

  1. Charlotte is somewhat of an annoying character in the series, as she can be overly talkative.
    • She even got flanderized in the television series, meaning she became a virtually indestructible Pollyanna Idiot Houdini.
  2. It only lasted for one season, meaning it ended on a cliffhanger.





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