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Mama Luigi (Super Mario World)

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Mama Luigi (Super Mario World)
"That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario!" - "Mama" Luigi
Episode Number: 13
Air Date: December 7, 1991
Writer: Phil Harnage
Director: John Grusd
Previous episode: "A Little Learning"


"Mama Luigi" is the thirteenth and final episode of Super Mario World and the finale of DiC Entertainment's Super Mario cartoon trilogy.


Luigi tells Yoshi, in a flashback, how Luigi rescued Yoshi as an egg, how Baby Yoshi thought Luigi was his mother, and how Baby Yoshi helped Luigi and Mario rescue Princess Toadstool from King Koopa.

Why It Rocks

  1. This episode was pretty good, as Luigi telling Yoshi the story of how the heroes meet Yoshi was an interesting idea.
  2. Yoshi as a baby is extremely adorable.
  3. Great voice acting, as usual.
  4. The animation in this episode is brilliant, as is the case with many series produced by DiC Entertainment.
  5. A lot of funny moments, such as whenever Baby Yoshi calls Luigi "Mama", in fact, it was funny whenever someone says "Mama Luigi", as well as when Luigi is flattened in good old cartoon fashion by a Skewer he saved Baby Yoshi from, and then Mario wraps him up like a map, and gets him back to normal using a P-Balloon.
  6. There are a lot of memorable quotes, such as Luigi’s "That’s Mama Luigi to you, Mario" line and Yoshi's "Yoshi think Luigi mama!" line.
  7. All of the action sequences are both thrilling and exciting at the same time.
  8. King Koopa is a very funny villain in this episode, and even has some very funny lines of dialogue too.
    • All of the other enemies, like Koopa’s minions, were pretty funny too, which are the evil dinosaurs, Koopa football players, Koopa Wizard, Magnum Bill, Fire Sumo, Blargg, Rip Van Fish, Urchins, Blurp, Torpedo Ted, Wigglers, fire breathing Bowser Statue, Skewers, and Mechakoopas.
  9. The story had an interesting start, when our heroes arrived in Dome City, it was deserted, and all 3 heroes got attacked by Koopa’s minions.
  10. Nice idea of the story focusing on Luigi, not just Baby Yoshi, as he protected him from many dangers as they explored other areas of the Dinosaur era, and got help from Dolphins.
  11. Luigi reunited with Mario, and they, along with Baby Yoshi, went to King Koopa’s castle to save Princess Toadstool.
  12. A good ending where, with Yoshi’s help, our heroes defeat King Koopa, and use the key to get them and the Princess back to Dome City.
  13. It was nice seeing Luigi tuck Yoshi in bed and tell him the story we saw, and it was adorable that Yoshi fell asleep after that and Luigi said goodnight to Yoshi.
  14. "Goodnight, Mama Luigi...hehe." Yoshi falls asleep smiling, and Luigi shrugs.
  15. This episode was a good way to end the show, and it greatly ended the trilogy of DiC's Super Mario animated TV shows.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. While the episode is still good, it felt more like the series premiere as opposed to its finale.


"Mama Luigi" got largely positive reviews from critics, audiences and fans of the Super Mario franchise. It holds a 9.4/10 rating on, making it the highest rated episode of not only the Super Mario World series, but DiC's Super Mario trilogy all together.


  • Many moments from this episode spawned internet memes.
    • There was also a SML character based on this meme which was portrayed to be a clone of Luigi, he was soon killed off due to Zeke (his voice actor) moving away from Logan's area. However, he did return in a remake of "Toad's Mistake" in 2017.

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