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Meu Segundo Amor (Irmão do Jorel)

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Meu Segundo Amor (Irmão do Jorel)
Meu Segundo Amor.png
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 26
Air Date: November 9, 2015
Writer: Juliano Enrico

Daniel Furlan
Zé Brandão

Director: Juliano Enrico
Previous episode: Fúria e Poder Sobre Rodas
Next episode: Carlos Felino: Conselheiro Amoroso

Meu Segundo Amor (lit. My First Love) is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the first season of Irmão do Jorel. In this episode, the Brazilian holiday Festa Junina is being celebrated at the school, so Jorel's brother tries to get two rings, with the help of Lara, in order to marry Ana Catarina in the party's fake wedding.

Why It Deserves the Avocado-Green Ring of Destiny

  1. This episode is an amazing representation of Brazilian culture, as it shows the Festa Junina event, and its element such as climbing poles, jumping over campfires, fake weddings, pastel (a snack) and couple dances.
  2. It's a great example of Jorel's brother and Lara's cute friendship. Lara helps Jorel's brother get his rings back while the other girls want it to fake-marry Jorel. Despite being a girl herself, Lara succesfully helps her friend get his rings.
  3. Good ending: While Jorel's brother actually gets to fake-marry his crush Ana Catarina, he quickly notices she does not really care about him and runs away from the wedding to spend time with his best friend Lara instead, since she actually cares about him.
  4. The characters are dressed appropriately in typical Festa Junina clothes, which is a nice change from the show since all the characters usually always wear the same clothes. Also, the sky has a sunset for most of the episode to change its atmosphere.
  5. It gives a bit of attention to most of the characters, as while Jorel's brother and Lara are the main characters for most of the episode, their other classmates also appear, as well as Jorel's brother's family and many supporting characters.
  6. When Jorel's brother gets the Purple Ring Of Destiny and the Avocado-Green Ring Of Destiny, in both occasions it shows a close-up of them with a narrator singing their names with a Northeast accent, which makes these scenes very iconic and funny.
  7. The ending card is cute, as it shows a real photo of the series creator Juliano Enrico and his brother Jor-El as kids, in Festa Junina costumes. In reality, they are actually the inspirations for Jorel's brother and Jorel.
  8. The Magic Coconut reappears in this episode and gives an educative explanation of Festas Juninas to the viewers.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. Near the end of the episode, Samantha proposes to Jorel after Jorel's brother throws his rings away, but it's never shown what happened after that.


  • This is the last episode to use the original character designs, since the characters and backgrounds were all redesigned in the second season.


This episode has received widely positive reviews by fans and is regarded as one of the best episodes of the entire series. As of June 2022, it is rated 9 on IMDb, being the 11st highest rated episode. In the site Banco de Séries, it is the sixth episode on the Top 10, with a 9,06 rating.


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