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"Will it fit my Honda?" - Moog

Mighty Car Mods (formerly Mighty Mods) is a YouTube channel that focuses around DIY car modifications and car-enthusiast culture. The web-based channel was created and is hosted by Blair Joscelyne (Moog) and Martin Mulholland (Marty), known as MOOG and Marty on the show, respectively. It debuted on January 9, 2008.

Why it Rocks

  1. The show provides clear information to viewers, so they know how their cars are tuned and modified.
  2. The show have built some iconic cars, like the Supergramps (based from the Subaru Legacy wagon) and the Blue Turd (based from the Daihatsu Cuore).
  3. The hosts brilliantly adds random Aussie humor.
  4. The show also have some amazing music all created by Moog himself.


Mighty Car Mods has received attention from various sources, most notably for their How to Zombie Proof your Car. Numerous sources cite it as being incredibly funny, informative and even life saving (in the event of an apocalypse, that is). Their first feature-length film titled Turbos and Temples was well received by critics and motoring fans when it premiered at Hoyts Cinema, Fox Studios, in Sydney, Australia. The film continues to attract many viewers on YouTube, achieving over 2.2 million views. Their second feature-length film "Kei to the City" has attracted an enthusiastic reception with more than 3.1 million views on YouTube.