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Mighty Orbots

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Mighty Orbots
Mighty Orbots title card.png
"Orbots, unite!"
Genre: Anime
Space Adventure
Space Fantasy
Super Robot
Running Time: 30 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: 8 September - 15 December 1984
Network(s): ABC (United States)
Animax (Japan)
Created by: Barry Glasser
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 13

Mighty Orbots is a 1984 American-Japanese, super robot/mecha, animated/anime television series. It was created by Barry Glasser and produced by TMS Entertainment in association with MGM/UA Television, and Intermedia Entertainment.


When a malevolent, cyborg computer named Umbra threatens the fate of the universe, an organization known as the United Planets contacts a law enforcement agency called the Galactic Patrol for help. A young, bright scientist and inventor named Rob Simmons is tasked with creating a sextet of robots to combat the threat. Alternately going by the Orbots, all of whom have their own, unique powers, five of them (Tor, Bort, Crunch, and twins Bo, and Boo) become one giant robot called Mighty Orbots whenever it gets too difficult to take on their foes individually. As the usual leader, Rob assumes the alter ego of the Orbots Commander while being assisted by a sixth Orbot who is the smallest of them all, Ohno, and she is the mechanic of the group. She also co-pilots the Beam Car with Rob/the Orbots Commander within the core of Mighty Orbots' body when a battle becomes too much and serves as a sort of command station. Dia, the daughter of the Galactic Patrol's Commander Rondu, is a skillful pilot herself and is the love interest of Rob. Her love interest is the Orbots Commander, but she doesn't know or realize that Rob and the Orbots Commander are one and the same.

Why It Rocks

  1. Fine anime art style and it is one of the 1980s shows that has top-notch animation.
  2. The character designs, especially of the Orbots themselves in this, are a huge improvement over their looks in the pilot, Broots.
  3. It's one of the shows that has better-written storylines of episodes that get really deep at times.
  4. Thrilling action-packed sequences.
  5. It sets itself apart from other, like-minded shows of the time like the original Transformers cartoon and Challenge of The Gobots. In that this show wasn't an import and the fact that five of the Orbots retain their personalities even when combined.
  6. Great characters that are not only likable but memorable as well.
  7. Some funny moments, namely with the Orbots.
  8. The rocking theme song is tremendously catchy and memorable.
  9. Some lessons provided towards the end of the episodes.
  10. The catchphrase and quote, "Orbots, unite!".
  11. The voice work is well done.
  12. Nice narration by Gary Owens (of Space Ghost fame).
  13. The final episode ended the series on somewhat of a good note.

Bad Qualities

  1. Because of Ohno being overbearing in her bossiness and nagging, she can come off as unlikable at times.
  2. It never got a second season, due to a lawsuit by the toy company, Tonka, claiming and alleging that this robot-based show, and its own toyline, ripped off the Gobots toys.
  3. It was never resolved how Dia would discover the Orbot Commander's true identity nor how Umbra would return as he declared he would in the final episode.
  4. The narration can be a bit overdone at times.


  • Of five of the Orbots, Boo is the only one to have multiple powers rather than just one.
  • Belladonna from the episode "Operation Eclipse" is the only known villainess in this series and female member of S.H.A.D.O.W.
  • This is one of the three space-themed shows from the 1980s produced or co-produced by TMS Entertainment. The two others being Ulysses 31 and Galaxy High School.
  • Captain Shrike from "Raid on the Stellar Queen" is the only villain who is not affiliated with S.H.A.D.O.W.