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Missy Mila Twisted Tales

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Come on, Mila! Please tell a story!

Missy Mila Twisted Tales is a French-Belgian animated series produced by Planet Nemo Animation.


Mila is an 8-year-old girl, bursting with energy, a bit of a silly tomboy, who loves telling stories with her own witty words. Audience participation is triggered by Mila's direct-to-camera asides all along the episode; Her questions and games that brings kids right into the story. Join Mila, and laugh at the zany dial.

Why It Rocks

  1. Outstanding theme song.
  2. Adorable animation and character designs.
  3. Wonderful voice acting in French and English.
  4. Lovable characters, such as Mila and her friends.
  5. Magnificent soundtrack.
  6. Amazing plots.
  7. Fantastic stories.
  8. It teaches kids good lessons.

Bad Qualities

  1. Mila is a bit of a silly tomboy.
  2. It can be formulaic at times.