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"The Happiness Property"
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 3:30 minutes
Country: France
United Kingdom
South Korea
Release Date: November 2, 2015 – present
Network(s): Disney Junior
Created by: Hye-Ji Yoon
Distributed by: Millimages
Seasons: 5
Episodes: 312

Molang is a French/British/South Korean animated children's television series created by the animation studios Millimages. The titular character, Molang, was designed by the Korean illustrator Hye-Ji Yoon, on the platform KakaoTalk. The series first aired on Canal+ France in November 2, 2015. Since then, 4 seasons, 9 TV specials and a music album have been produced and are widely broadcast. The first season is available since July 2019 on Netflix Worldwide. In February 2020, Millimages has announced the development of Season 5 (52 episodes x 5 min). As of 2020, Molang's TV exposure extends to more than 190 countries and has become a cross-media franchise: TV series, merchandising, publishing, music album, GIFs, digital series, stickers etc.


The series features the "offbeat friendship" between main characters Molang and Piu Piu as they humorously confront everyday problems.

Why It's The Happiness Property

  1. Catchy theme song. Watch it here.
  2. Great soundtrack & music score.
  3. A lot of funny episodes in there, such as "The Pumpkin", "The Forest", "The Soccer Match" and other episodes.
  4. Good, likable and memorable characters, such as Molang, Piu Piu and the other characters.
  5. Wonderful pilot.
  6. Cool voice acting like Minions. Such as Ko te ta ta ki! and Masimo!.
  7. Cute, colorful and beautiful backgrounds.
  8. Amazing music.
  9. Piu Piu! *giggles* Molang! La la la, la la la la. La la la la la la, la la la la!
  10. These episodes are avaliable to watch on the DisneyNOW website.
  11. The other characters are adorable.
  12. They teaches some good adventures and lessons such as:
    • Learn your lesson
    • Slide
    • Face your fears
    • Sharing
    • Take turns
  13. Their personalities might resemble as Whisker Haven characters.
  14. Fun and incredibly beautiful animation that looks like Keroppi and Friends.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some poorly made videos & episodes like Shuuuuush! and Stay safe from the COVID 19
  2. The ghost can be unlikeable sometimes.
  3. Molang's language can be difficult sometimes.


The show received positive reviews. On its IMDb page, the show currently has a 8.4/10.

Google gave the show 95%, with a user rating.


  • Molang uses "My Best Friend" as a universal signature for all worldwide licensees, on all packagings. It now represents two master toy licensees (Tomy & Jazwares), over 100 licensees worldwide, and more than 700 different products, including kids and adults apparels, children's books and magazines, stationery, magnets, stickers, underwear, sleepwear, etc.