Monkey See, Doggie Do (The Powerpuff Girls, 1998)

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Monkey See, Doggie Do (The Powerpuff Girls, 1998)
Monkey See, Doggie Do.PNG
Behold, the episode that started off the Original Powerpuff Girls!
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 1a
Air Date: November 18, 1998
Writer: Jason Butler Rote
Micheal Ryan
Director: Genndy Tartakovsky
Craig McCracken
Next episode: Mommy Fearest

"Monkey See, Doggie Do" is the first half of the first episode in the first season of the Original Powerpuff Girls.


Mojo Jojo robs a magical Anubis Doghead and unleashes a curse that turns everyone into dogs, including the Powerpuff Girls, but the three sniff out a solution and show Mojo Jojo that their bite is worse than his bark.

Why It Rocks

  1. Mojo Jojo's plan is very creative here, as he robs a magical Anubis Doghead to unleash a curse that turns everyone into dogs in order to bow down to him. His plan is also clever as he robs the head at night when everyone is asleep.
  2. The narrator does a great job at narrating at the start by talking about how calm and dark the night is where every shop closes and everyone is tucked up in bed, along with a few other scenes.
  3. Having jewels that could turn people into dogs is impressive.
  4. All the Townsville people in dog form looks very cute and adorable. Bubbles even tickles the Mayor's dog form.
  5. The girls are likable characters here for stopping Mojo Jojo's plan of turning everyone to dogs. Even though they got turned into dogs themselves, they still managed to knock Mojo's Doghead from the glass and bite the black dogs and Mojo himself to the point where the Anubis Doghead smashes on his head - which broke the dog curse.
  6. Good Ending: After Buttercup's dog form bites Mojo Jojo, the Anubis Doghead smashes on his head and breaks the curse by turning everyone back into human, but the opposite happens to Mojo. Then, the girls beg the Professor if they can keep the dog but he says it's a big responsibility taking care of an evil villain and lists the tasks - then it ends with the narrator saying that the day was saved thanks to the Powerpuff Girls.
  7. Thanks to the first 6 reasons mentioned above, it was a great start to the original Powerpuff Girls, meaning that most of the things that make the show good are present here.
  8. "Puppy! Wheeeeeee!"


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