Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

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Mr. Bean: The Animated Series
Mr bean.jpg
The role he was drawn to play.
Genre: Animated sitcom
Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: January 5, 2002 – October 8, 2019
Network(s): ITV (2002–2003)
CITV (2004–2019)
Created by: Rowan Atkinson
Richard Curtis
Distributed by: FremantleMedia Enterprises (2002–2004)
Endemol Shine Worldwide Distribution (2015–2019)
Starring: Rowan Atkinson
Seasons: 5
Episodes: 130

Mr. Bean: The Animated Series (also known as simply Mr. Bean) is a British animated television sitcom that is a spin-off to the original live-action series Mr. Bean.


This animated adaptation serves as a follow-up to the Mr. Bean franchise. As in the original live-action series, Mr. Bean continues using his noble wits to solve problems he stumbles upon in London. This time, it is revealed that he lives in an apartment owned by his mean landlady Mrs. Wicket.

Why It Rocks

  1. The series is very faithful to the original source material by having barely any dialogue at all.
  2. Teddy still serves as the straight man to the series.
  3. Brilliant voice acting. Rowan Atkinson and Matilda Ziegler even returned from the original live-action series to reprise their roles as Mr. Bean and Irma Gobb respectively.
  4. Good animation, especially in the revived seasons.
  5. Despite being cancelled for many years (starting from 2004), the series was revived with a new season in 2015 though to 2016, and another in 2019.
  6. Some episodes have endings that are very satisfying, especially in "Neighbourly Bean".
  7. The show even has it share of heartwarming moments. Most notably the episode "Egg and Bean", in which Bean helps a bird to fly.
  8. Very impressive score courtesy of Howard Goodall, who previously composed the original live-action series, as well as the two film adaptations Bean and Mr. Bean's HolidayGMW.
  9. Very well done slapstick.
  10. Miss Wicket, Bean's landlord is hilarious, especially when she screams in terror.
  11. Bean still drives his renowned Mini.
  12. The revival is better than original run.
  13. In Italy, from Season 4, the show is dubbed in italian for the first time.
  14. This show does deserve to have the live-action Mr. Bean intro reference (but animated) from Series 3 (re-runs as Series 1) finale "Double Trouble" after Mr. Pod says goodbye to Mr. Bean peacefully. but unlike the original live-action series, despite Bean fell from the spotlight, Teddy also appears.

Bad Qualities

  1. Much like the original series, Mr. Bean can be obnoxious and annoying (depending on your view) most of the time.
  2. Despite being a kid's show, one episode called "Art Thief" shows a picture of a naked lady. The same goes for "Roadworks", "Nurse!" and "Opera Bean", in which in those episodes Bean is seen naked, even though the first 2 seasons (re-runs as Series 1) of the animated Mr. Bean was originally meant to be viewed by adults before it went popular with children, but since it was aired on CITV during the 3rd series, it removed some of the inappropriate content, but they still got away with it from the re-runs of the first 2 series, along with a episode from the 4th season. "Opera Bean."
  3. The revived series feature much dialogue than in the original series, which is somewhat against the Bean formula (though not as much as the 1997 film Bean).
  4. The video game based on the TV show was terrible.
  5. Some episodes contain bad endings for Mr. Bean himself, such as "In the Wild" (which was a terrible way to start the series), "No Parking", "Cat-Sitting", "Young Bean", and so on.
  6. The animation, whilst very good for the most part, can be pretty unpleasant at times (especially in the first three seasons).
  7. On the United Kingdom and Australia DVDs of volumes 1-6 (the first 3 seasons), they only included 47 out of 52 episodes. Instead, the others were included as extras on DVDs of the original live-action Mr. Bean just because they were rated PG (a rating still suitable enough for a kids show) and the DVDs were chosen to be rated U (G in Australia). Talk about bad decisions.

Game adaptation

In 2007, Blast! Entertainment released a video game based on the animated show initially for the PlayStation 2, titled Mr. Bean.


  1. In 2015, Varga Budapest Studio no longer animates the show. It's now animated by Tiger Aspect itself.



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I only saw the live action series as a kid. Still cracks me up today 😂

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I've seen a picture from some episode that Roxy has big breasts. Yes, I'm not joking. :(

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"Bean Mr Bean"

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