Mr. Sleep (Mr. Young)

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Mr. Sleep (Mr. Young)
"The sound quality on this thing is amazing."
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 5
Air Date: July 23, 2012
Writer: Dan Signer
Howard Nemetz
Director: Jon Rosenbaum
Previous episode: Mr. Matchmaker
Next episode: Mr. Tv

"Mr. Sleep" is the fifth episode of Season 2, and the thirty-first episode of Mr. Young overall.


Set on teaching his students the importance of getting a good night's rest, Adam conducts a sleep deprivation experiment at Finnegan. He uses his students as the test subjects, and challenges them to stay awake for the entire night, while hanging out in his class. As the night wears on, the group endures everything from exhaustion to hallucinations, while the various effects of sleep deprivation set in.

Why It Deserves Some Sleep

  1. Unlike most episodes, this episodes teaches the viewers something educational while making it fun. What it's teaching us is what happens when you don't get sleep at all A.K.A Sleep Deprivation.
  2. As usual for a regular Mr. Young episode, extraordinary acting.
  3. Hypnotist on radio: You're listening to Hypnotism Radio. And you are getting sleepy. Very sleepy. Slab: I don't want to get sleepy, very sleepy!
  4. The memorable final scene with Echo having a conversation with a racoon. (One of the effects of the sleep deprivation is hallucinations.)
  5. The brunch bar scene is very funny and said bar is actually pretty impressive.
  6. We get through every single stage of Sleep Deprivation which is pretty impressive for a 22 minute episode.
  7. The racoon was voiced by Travis Turner of Some Assembly Required. (Even though the episode and the overall show was released before SAR aired.)
  8. All of the students got As in the end so everyone was happy.
  9. Everyone is still likable.

Bad Qualities

  1. Neither Ivy or Principal Tater appear in this episode.
  2. Everyone got crazy effects from staying up but it was a sacrifice for an A.


  • This episode was taped as the season two premiere of Mr. Young.
  • Slab breaks the fourth wall, trying to break the count down, on the screen.
  • This episode only takes place in the Science Lab and the quad, making this episode somewhat a bottlecap episode.
  • If one treats Principal Tater as the Finnegan Fryer in Mr. Airplane, then this would be Tater's only absence in the second season.


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