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Nanalan' logo from 1999.png
"That's a peepo" - Mona
Genre: Children
Running Time: 21 minutes. 3 minutes (shorts)
Country: Canada
Release Date: February 9, 2000 – January 6, 2006
Created by: Jamie Shannon and Jason Hopley.
Starring: Jamie Shannon

Jason Hopley
Ali Eisner

Seasons: 2
Episodes: 43 (full length)

Nanalan' is a Canadian children's television series created by Jamie Shannon and Jason Hopley. It began in 1999 as a series of three-minute shorts and later ran for a season of full-length episodes spanning 21 minutes each. It chronicles the small-scale adventures and discoveries of a three-year-old puppet girl named Mona in her grandmother Nana Bea's backyard. The title is a contraction of the phrase "Nana Land," referring to the setting.

Why It's a Peepo

  1. It is very suitable for the young audience it is meant for and kids could relate to it.
  2. There are unintentionally funny moments which can be amusing for all ages (especially in the shorts).
  3. It is presented with hilarious and slightly unusual but fitting voice acting.
  4. Wonderful and truly adorable character designs for Mona and Russell.
  5. It is heartwarming and cute, with lots of hug scenes.
  6. There are surreal episodes and unique presentation.
  7. Mona: "That's a peepo" (peapod).
  8. Mona's speech mannerisms are very similar to kids of her age.
  9. The show managed to be liked by children and adults which is large and very impressive achievement.
  10. There are a few changes in the TV series and it follows a structure. For example there is at least one song and a reading of an original story to the viewers.
  11. The TV show is an improvement over the shorts. It is more detailed and colourful. The puppets have also been redesigned slightly.
  12. Mona's mother appears in the TV series.

Bad Qualities

  1. The human arm below one of the puppets can be seen and there is slightly poor editing sometimes in the shorts.
  2. It's hard to make out what Mona is saying at times. Thankfully other characters translate for her at times.
  3. The theme song is quite irritating and the lyrics in it are plain lazy.
  4. The designs of the puppets can look uncanny at times.
    • Nana Bea's puppet design might be offputting for some people because of her forehead and carrot-like body.


  • The show is made by the same creators of Mr. Meaty.
  • It received 7.6/10 on IMDb.
  • The show in recent years spawned internet memes such as the aforementioned quote of Mona saying "That's a peepo".


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