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Although all the new Nickelodeon sitcoms (2011-present; also known as Nickcoms) aren't well received (save for The Naked Brothers Band), from 1989-2010, there were some good sitcoms on Nickelodeon.

Why They Used To Rock

  1. Back then, the Nickcoms were actually funny, and sometimes had good messages:
    • All That has plenty of hilarious sketches such as Good Burger, Coach Kreeton, Superdude, Ask Ashley, Detective Dan, and Vital Information. The sketch, Good Burger was so funny that it was adapted into a movie, although it received mixed reviews from critics. In fact, Good Burger even became an internet meme.
    • Kenan & Kel has funny jokes.
    • The Amanda Show’s sketches are absolutely hilarious, and Amanda's performance is really great and hilarious.
    • Drake and Josh has funny jokes and gags.
    • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide has funny and hilarious slapstick humor.
    • Zoey 101 has plenty of funny moments, such as when the entire cast does the Macalana (a parody of the Macarena) in the episode "Zoey's Balloon", and it doesn't even need a laugh track to tell you that it’s funny.
    • Just Jordan has some funny moments here and there.
    • iCarly provides comedic entertainment and has memorable hilarious moments, especially from Spencer, Gibby, and T-Bo.
    • Big Time Rush has great humor that is very funny. Also, the film they made was very decent and funny.
    • Victorious has plenty of funny and hilarious moments, and had one episode as a parody of The Breakfast Club, which is not only funny, but also a nice tribute to the movie.
  2. Some spawned internet memes and became well known, Drake & Josh being a good example. During one of their bad episodes, Peruvian Puff Pepper, it’s only redeeming quality was Drake mispronouncing "America" as "Ah-mer-ee-kah", along with the funny face Josh makes, became a famous meme.
    • All That’s sketch (later movie), Good Burger, became an internet meme, as stated before.
    • During one of iCarly’s bad episodes, iMeet Fred, one of it’s redeeming qualities was it spawning the "Whatcha got there?... a smoothie" meme.
  3. The old Nickcom characters were more likable then the modern Nickcom characters:
    • In Clarissa Explains It All, Clarissa herself is a very likable main protagonist. The other characters such as Sam and Ferguson are likable as well.
    • Kenan & Kel has great characters. For example, the titular characters are a hilarious take on the classic buddy duo comedy, where one of the characters is a clever schemer and the other is dumb but loyal.
    • The Amanda Show has funny characters like Judge Trudy, Mr. Gullible, Mr. Oldman and Courtney, and Amanda herself, and Penelope Taynt is the best part of the show as she tries her hardest to meet Amanda.
    • Romeo! has likable characters, such as Romeo, Jodi, Louis, Gary, Percy, and Angie. Angie was a pretty interesting character in the second season, where she married Percy and had a son named Bobby.
    • Drake and Josh has likable and hilarious characters, like Drake, Josh, Walter, and Craig, and Eric. On top of that, Crazy Steve is one of the best characters in the show. His quotes are also very entertaining and memorable. Also, Drake and Josh are a hilarious comedy duo.
    • Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide has funny and awesome characters like Ned, Moze, Cookie, Loomer, Coconut Head, Gordy and Vice Principal Crubbs. The show also has plenty of cool villains like Billy Loomer, Missy Meany, Mr. Sweany, and Vice Principal Crubbs.
    • Unfabulous has likable characters such as Addie, Jake, Geena, and Zack.
    • Zoey 101 has memorable characters like Zoey, Chase, Quinn, Lola, Michael, Logan, Dustin, Dana, Nicole, Dean Rivers, Stacey, CoCo etc. Some of the characters have very distinctive personalities that give them a lot of harm: Chase is the awkward, yet goodhearted guy. Michael is the typical, yet hilarious comic relief done the right way. Quinn is the nerdy and weird, yet intelligent and creative girl.
    • Just Jordan has some likable characters, such as Jordan, Tony, Joaquin, Tangie, Pamela and Grant.
    • iCarly has memorable characters (good or bad) like Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer, Gibby, T-Bo, Marissa Benson, Lewbert, Principal Franklin, Nevel Papperman, etc. Freddie, in particular, is debatably the most likeable and relatable of all the characters in the show.
    • Big Time Rush has very likable characters, and the boys themselves are very cool and funny. Also, George Hawk is a very intimidating main antagonist.
    • Victorious has plenty of funny and likeable characters, such as Tori (the wannabe), Andre (the musician), Robbie (the nice, awkward guy), Jade (the bad girl/goth), Beck (the hot guy), Cat (the ditz), and Rex (the puppet), and Trina (the annoying older sister). Trina is hilarious. Rex is a hilarious comic relief character with his snarky comments. Kristopher Kane did an outstanding job voicing him. Cat Valentine is a super-adorable character and you can count on her to make you smile. She was a fan-favorite and got a co-lead in Sam & Cat, which is horrible.
  4. As mentioned by WTUTR 1, the old Nickcoms were insightful at times, giving out important messages:
    • Clarissa Explains It All talks about stuff that are relatable to the target audiences like first crushes, getting a driver's license, and preparing for college and working.
    • Romeo! and Just Jordan both teach some good morals.
    • Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide tries to give it's young viewers some important tips on coping with the struggles of middle school. From facing a bully, to passing a hard test, to impressing a girl.
    • Unfabulous has great storylines and teaches some good lessons about how to be fabulous.
    • Zoey 101 shows kids what it's like to go to a boarding school.
    • iCarly has some good morals for everyone, especially the fans. For example, the two-parter, "iStart A Fan War" was made to explain to fans that they focus too much on hypothetical relationships between the characters (aka shipping) and not on what iCarly is meant to do, which is provide comedic entertainment.
    • Victorious shows kids what it's like to go to a performing arts school.

Bad Qualities

  1. Nickcoms decreased in quality in 2011, and pushed aside the Nicktoons.
  2. Some Nickcoms still had bad episodes.
    • Drake and Josh had some bad episodes like Theatre Thug, Peruvian Puff Pepper, and "Tree House".
    • Zoey 101 had a few debatably bad episodes like "Anger Management".
    • iCarly had a handful of really bad episodes like "iKiss", "iMeet Fred", "iDate a Bad Boy", and "iDate Sam & Freddie".
    • Victorious had a lot of awful episodes such as Pilot, The Great Ping Pong Scam, Tori Gets Stuck, and Brain Squeezers.
    • Big Time Rush had a bad crossover with Marvin Marvin.
    • On the more unfortunate side, even before the bad era came, the good era still had a few really bad shows, like Mr. Meaty, and The Naked Brothers Band (the worst show of this era).
    • Some shows finales were either bad or left a cliffhanger.
      • The Amanda Show was cancelled before we got to see the real Moody from the sketch, Moody's Point after it's cliffhanger.
      • Just Jordan got cancelled after two seasons.
      • Victorious’ final episode, “Victori-Yes”, was a horrible way to end the show, as it unexpectedly got cancelled and this episode was not originally how they planned to end the show.


Most of these Nickcoms from the good era that were good received positive reception by critics and fans of Nickelodeon, and considered this era one of the best Nickelodeon eras of all time.

iMDb score
Show Score
Clarissa Explains It All 7.2/10
All That 7.5/10
Kenan & Kel 7.8/10
The Amanda Show 6.7/10
Romeo! 4.1/10
Drake & Josh 7.7/10
Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide 7.3/10
Unfabulous 6.2/10
Zoey 101 6.1/10
Just Jordan 6/10
iCarly 6.6/10
Big Time Rush 6.3/10
Victorious 6.9/10

List of Nickcoms (1989-2010)


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