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Profile: nigahiga
Style: Comedy
Music Videos
Opinion Videos
Q&A videos
Date Joined: July 20, 2006
Twitter: TheRealRyanHiga
Facebook: HigaTV
No. of videos: 408+
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 21M+

Nigahiga (Ryan Higa) is a 30 year old YouTuber. He is very well known for his "How to Be" videos, Movies in Minutes, Expectations vs. Reality, and so on. He has over 21 Million subscribers.

His most well-known gag is the green bouncing ball and Teehee!

Why He Rocks

  1. He has a great sense of comedy and always makes funny gags most notably Green Ball no Jutsu
  2. He's one of the OG YouTubers that don't clickbait at all. The quality of his videos is quite high and it's clear he puts a lot of effort into his videos.
  3. His old videos are extremely funny as well and it has a good amount of effort put into them.
  4. His music videos are quite catchy to listen to. Mainly Nice Guys which has accumulated over 80 Million views.
  5. He's one of the Youtubers that isn't afraid to speak his opinion always expressing himself in videos.
  6. His Dear Ryan series has some entertaining most notably Real Mime Fight and his Trickshot videos.
  7. He makes some pretty entertaining skits as well such as DBZ Fight in Real Life.
  8. His show Skitzo is an extremely comedic series with 4 characters that have completely different personalities which can make you forget they are all played by him.
  9. He can take criticism and know what's right from wrong.
  10. His movie Agents of Secret Stuff is entertaining to watch and relatively well-received.


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