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Nightingale Sings No More (Into the Badlands)

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"Congratulations, Gabriel. You are now part of a very select society. One of only two men in this entire army to have ever tasted ice cream!"

Nightingale Sings No More is the ninth episode of season 2 of Into the Badlands. It's penultimate to the season's finale.

Why It Rocks

  1. Minerva is revealed to be who Bajie calls Flea. This reveal is both cool and surprising.
  2. Tilda and M.K. talking and catching up on things is a very nice moment.
  3. The reveal that Odessa was the only other surviving human shipment from the River King that got killed by M.K.'s gift is a nice simple reveal.
  4. The fight between Tilda and The Widow is a major highlight of this episode; it is very energetic and well choreographed.
  5. Gabriel's suicide bombing a very tense moment and while Gabriel could have been much more than that it was still a good villain-like way for Quinn to announce that his alliance with The Widow was over.
  6. Bajie is really clever in this episode, such as how he convinced the guards to let him through.
    • Bajie is also still a good buddy to Sunny, in his strange rude way; he saves him yet again and promises to get M.K.
  7. Lydia again looks out for Veil and tells her about the explosives being rigged in the bunker. She also tries to convince Quinn's men to run while they still can, which doesn't work, but she did try. She even successfully escapes death, with Sunny's help in the end.
  8. The episode is yet again filmed spectacularly.
  9. This episode again makes the viewer wonder who the characters can really trust. The Widow claims that Bajie abandoned her, which Bajie claims to have not. Sunny and The Widow end their brief alliance. Tilda seems to give M.K. the cold shoulder in one scene, because of what Odessa told her.
  10. Quinn is still a semi-creepy and very intimidating villain. He also has some good quotes in this episode.
  11. M.K. has better dialogue in this episode than in previous episodes.
  12. Waldo and Sunny's reunion/conversation is well written, and it again establishes differences between the two former Regents.

Bad Qualities

  1. Gabriel could have been more than just a suicide bomber, but that opportunity was thrown away.
  2. While the writing in this episode is better than season 1, some may still find the pacing off. Some may also wonder why The Widow didn't cleave Gabriel's neck to kill him faster, which may have prevented him from igniting the bombs.