Nightly News at Nine (NNN)

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Nightly News At Nine (also known as NNN) is a parody cartoon made by BRICK 101 when he started his career.

Why It Rocks

  1. The series contained a whole bunch of likeable characters such as Phil, Sherry, Legshark, ROBOphilla, The Pinchbots and Malifios.
  2. Pretty decent animation.
  3. There is also a secret episode in the series which isn't on the actual series.
  4. ROBOphilla is also a very funny character and not to mention a very funny voice as well.
  5. The Pinchbots in the series actually makes the series pretty enjoyable for people who like robots.
  6. The Legshark character is pretty creative and funny as much as it's a shark on legs kinda like something you would see from SpongeBob.
  7. There is even a How To Build series in case if you want to make them for yourself and make some fanmade episode.
  8. Where's my briefcase? is a really funny episode like about a grandmother's chair and a briefcase being missing.
  9. It even had a spin-off series called The Magic Picnic that comes with its own tutorial book.