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Nu, Pogodi!

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Nu, Pogodi!
Nu, pogodi! logo.png
Ну, Заяц, Ну, погоди! (Well, rabbit, just you wait!)
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 10 minutes
Country: Soviet Union (Episodes 1-16)
Russia (Episodes 17-21)
Release Date: June 14, 1969 –
December 21, 2012
Network(s): Soviet Central Television (1969-1991)
Channel One Russia (1991-2006)
Created by: Felix Kandel
Arkadi Khait
Aleksandr Kurlyandsky
Starring: Anatoli Papanov
Klara Rumyanova
Igor Khristenko
Olga Zvereva
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 20

Nu, pogodi! (English: lit. Wait for it! or Well, Just You Wait!) is a Soviet/Russian cartoon produced by Soyuzmultfilm and created by Felix Kandel, Arkadi Khait and Aleksandr Kurlyandsky.


The show follows the main character and antagonist, Wolf, transliterated into English as Volk (Russian: Волк) and the happy go lucky hare, transliterated into English as Zayats (Russian: Заяц). The show often revolves around the wolf attempting to eat the hare, but more often than not his plans going in vain with either certain circumstances constantly ruining his chances of catching the hare. Interactions between the two usually consist of the hare either running from the wolf or getting him into situations that will get him either hurt or punished.

The reasons why Ну, погоди! is хороший

  1. Outstandingly wonderful animation for its time.
  2. Very enjoyable classical music that is used in episodes.
  3. Funny and creatively exaggerated scenes throughout episodes where the wolf mainly ends up failing to catch the hare.
  4. Fast-paced scenes that tell jokes quickly.
  5. Action can be engaging.
  6. The story tells itself.
  7. Wolf's catchphrase such as "Nu, Zayats! Nu, Pogodi!" (which in english, it means "Well, Rabbit, well, wait! or Well, Rabbit, you just wait!)
  8. Catchy theme song.
  9. Deserves to have a English dub (known as "You Just Wait!")

Bad Qualities

  1. The series went downhill in post-Soviet era with out of place music, slow animation, sometimes overly exaggerated animation and slow and unfunny jokes.
  2. Lots of smoking references.
  3. Hare gets less screen time than the wolf does.
  4. When the hare saves the wolf in some occasions, he's ungrateful of it.


  1. There's official English dubs of this show by either ComicToons (a division of Philip L'oro International Pictures) or Film-Export studios.
  2. The Nu, Pogodi! Theme Song was later used in the opening Ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.