O Natal da Turma da Mônica (1976)

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O Natal da Turma da Mônica (1976)
This Christmas special was where the animated series of Turma da Mônica (Mônica's Gang) all started a long time ago...
Series: Turma da Mônica
Air Date: December 24, 1976
Director: Mauricio de Sousa

O Natal da Turma da Mônica (The Christmas of Mônica's Gang) is a Christmas special of Turma da Mônica, sponsored by Cica which premiered on Christmas Eve 1976 on Rede Globo. Is considered the pilot of the Turma da Mônica's animated series, although the special was never released on DVD, it was released on "Momentos Inesquecíveis do Desenho Animado Publicitário" (Unforgettable Moments of Animated Advertising) VHS by Transvídeo in 1989.

Why It Rocks

  1. It is the beginning of the animated series of Turma da Mônica, showing for the first time Mônica, Cebolinha (Jimmy Five), Cascão (Smudge), Anjinho (Angel) and Bidu (Blu Dog) on the small screen.
  2. Good voice acting from Maria Amélia Costa Manso and well-known voice actresses from São Paulo, Ivete Jayme and the late Isaura Gomes.
  3. The plot of Mônica, Cebolinha (Jimmy Five), Cascão (Smudge) and Anjinho (Angel) building a chimney for Santa Claus to enter their house to deliver the gifts is really nice.
  4. The famous classic song "Feliz Natal pra Todos" (Merry Christmas Everyone) is very good and was first used in this special for the first time.
  5. While the animation isn't the best, it is very expressive.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. For unknown reasons, Magali doesn't appear in this special, however she appeared in a few episodes later.


  • 23 years later, on Christmas Eve 1999, a "remake" of this episode (now named after the song) was made, coincidentally airing on Rede Globo, though it only aired once, being forgotten for years, until 2012, when it was released as a bonus feature on the DVD Se Liga na Turma da Mônica Volume 2. You can watch it here.
    • However, while sharing the same plot (the kids wanting Santa to come down the chimney), both episodes had a few differences from each other:
      • Instead of building the chimney, they are just waiting for him, trying to stay awake before midnight.
        • The gag of someone accidentally provoking Bidu to the point of him attacking the responsible is removed, so the dog is much more calm now.
          • The music is slightly altered to remove the reference of the work the characters had to build the chimney.
            • Another alteration in the song, is for the part of when Cascão get a trash can as a present, instead of it being dirty, so he could get dirty, the can is now clean, so he could use it, because of the politically correct not allowing it anymore.
              • Replacing Anjinho, with Magali, who was already a main character at that point.



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