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Ode to Odie (Garfield and Friends)

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Note: This bulldog called Butch is not to be confused with the Mickey Mouse one or the cat from Tom & Jerry.

Ode to Odie (Garfield and Friends)
Pretty sure this inspired many other musical episodes, but this one is unique for having a groovy rappin' style in the form of a poem.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 3c
Air Date: October 1, 1988
Writer: Mark Evanier
Previous episode: Banana Nose (US Acres)
Nighty Nightmare
Next episode: Fraidy Cat

"Ode to Odie" is the third part of the third episode in the first season of Garfield and Friends.


In a poem rapped by Garfield, Odie wanders around the neighborhood and meets a tough dog named Butch and his flunkies.

Why It Rocks

  1. The plot is very funny & interesting, as it's a musical episode with Garfield rapping about how Odie wouldn't leave him alone, him trying to get rid of him and Odie wandering around the neighborhood to find a tough dog & his flunkies - and it's very well done here.
  2. Garfield is still a relatable & hilarious character as he just wanted to take a Sunday nap and tries everything to get Odie out of the house, and even more hilarious rappin' poem style.
  3. Odie is a likable and mature character as he never gives up on standing up to the tough dog & his attempts to get back at him were well structured, especially the last one where he makes friends with his flunkies.
  4. Although Butch was unlikable for making fun of Odie for no reason & taking his bone, along with his flunkies, at least the flunkies become concerned about Odie & tell Spike that he's in the wrong.
  5. Good Ending: Butch finally gets his comeuppance when Odie decides to take his flunkies with him to his house, and so, they play while Butch feels bad and miserable for bullying Odie.


  • The episode title is a reference to Beethoven's ninth symphony, "Ode to Joy".