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Oggy is Getting Married! (Oggy and the Cockroaches)

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Oggy is Getting Married! (Oggy and the Cockroaches)
Oggy Olivia Married Title.png
A great way to end the classic era on a VERY high note.
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 74 (Air Date)
73 (production date)
Writer: Olivier Jean-Marie
Director: Olivier Jean Marie
Previous episode: From Mumbai With Love (air date)
Back To The Past (production date)
Next episode: The Great Pyramid Mystery (air date)
From Mumbai With Love (production date)

Oggy is Getting Married! is the last episode of season 4 from the series Oggy and the Cockroaches.

Why It's A Great Ending to the Classic Era

  1. Unlike most slapstick cartoons, this episode has the main character and a girl of the same age, actually marry!
  2. Though unlike Just Married, this episode did manage to marry the couples well, which is heartwarming.
  3. When Oggy proposed to Olivia, it was very heartwarming.
  4. Oggy and Olivia are VERY likable characters.
  5. It's a kinda original idea for Joey to steal the ring for Lady K (a manipulative sociopath female roach)
  6. GREAT ENDING: The cockroaches' punishment is to stay on the top of the wedding cake, all Oggy's family care enough to visit his wedding, heck there is even a big reference to Oggy's creator, Jean Yves Rambaud.
  7. Basically the whole episode is wholesome.
  8. It ended the classic era of the cartoon on a very high note.

Bad Qualities

  1. The cockroaches don't care enough to be happy for Oggy. Also for a series finale, they aren't shown that much.
  2. The infamous homophobical joke when Oggy shows to Jack the engagement ring for Olivia, which caused this scene to be edited out in India.


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