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PTV Park
"You're watching PTV!"
Country: United States
Release Date: October 11, 1993-July 11, 1994 (prototype run), July 11, 1994-September 6, 1999 (official run)
Network(s): PBS

PTV Park was a children's television block that aired on PBS. It first had a prototype test run from October 11, 1993-July 11, 1994, before it debuted officially until September 6, 1999, when the block rebranded to PBS Kids.

Why It Rocked

  1. This was a very unique block that can be enjoyed by not only preschoolers but older children and older fans that grew up with it.
  2. The P-Pals are very likable characters, and all of their names begin with a "P", which was pretty clever. Their character designs are also creative.
  3. The continuity in between the shows is very interesting, as they not only show bumpers and funding credits, they also show briefly animated (featuring the P-Pals) and live-action segments. Heck, some segments combine both animation and live-action.
  4. The voice acting (and voices themselves), writing, and songs are fascinating for a PBS block for young children.
  5. The animation for the P-Pals segments and the bumpers are unique (despite being limited), as they were animated in Squigglevision.
  6. This block is known for airing fascinating TV shows such as Shining Time Station and Sesame Street.

Bad Qualities

  1. Despite the animation being unique, it is limited compared to the animation of other segments/shorts in other children's blocks.
  2. Not every animated and live-action segment nor bumper/funding credit can be found very easily since some of them fell into obscurity and are very hard to track down after their discontinuity.
  3. The Squigglevision designs, while unique, can be off-putting to some people.


PTV Park has received a cult following on the internet from fans that have grown up with the block and some newcomers. The cult following is so well-known that just a simple search of "PTV Park" or "PBS PTV" on YouTube can give you lots of off-air recordings of continuities/program breaks


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