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Pani Poni Dash

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Pani Poni Dash
Pani Poni Dash.jpg
Genre: Parody
Running Time: 23 minutes
Country: Japan
Release Date: July 3, 2005 – December 25, 2005
Network(s): TV Tokyo
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 26

Pani Poni Dash is a comedy, slice of life, parody, Japanese anime series.  It was based on a manga series which was written by Hekiru Hikawa and published by Square Enix for the magazine Monthly GFantasy.  It originally ran from November, 2000 to October, 2011, and it lasted for 17 volumes in total.  After that came the anime adaptation.  It was directed by Shin Onuma, (Akiyuki Shinbo during the OVA), written by Kei Haneoka, and produced by Gansis and Studio Shaft.  It originally aired from July 3, 2005 to December 25, 2005, and it lasted for 26 main episodes and 1 OVA episode, making a total of 27 episodes.

Why It Rocks

  1. Amazing animation.  
  2. Outstanding comedy.  It isn't just the writing that makes the comedy good, the series also takes full advantage of it's visual style and crazy facial expressions to make the viewer laugh.  
  3. Good voice acting in both sub and dub.  
  4. Despite what #2 says, the writing is still fantastic.  Most of the jokes in the series are extremely clever and original.  
  5. Decent art-style and character designs.  
  6. Pani Poni Dash has a very distinctive visual style, in terms of both art and animation, curtosy of Akiyuki Shinobo and his protege Shin Onuma.  
  7. Excellent soundtrack.  
  8. This is one of the most batshit insane, incomprehensible anime ever created, but that as well only goes to enhance the comedy.  
  9. Great pacing.  

Bad Qualities

  1. There are so man characters in this series that it's not uncommon for viewers to confuse them, with a few exceptions of some of the more stand out characters.