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The password is "(insert word here)". *DING!*

Password is an American television game show franchise created by Bob Stewart for Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions. Premiered on CBS in 1961 and running until 1967, with several revivals being made over the next decade, the game involves players who each team up with one celebrity in order to try to guess a secret password by using only one-word clues. Since its original premiere, the franchise had a plethora of incarnations such as Password All-Stars, Password Plus, Super Password, & Million Dollar Password, with the latter being the recent revival.

Why It Rocks

  1. Masterful hosting from Allen Ludden. Other decent hosts include Tom Kennedy, Bert Convy, and Regis Philbin.
  2. Great format, with teams of 2 guessing “passwords” using only one-word clues.
  3. Catchy theme songs.
  4. Tons of funny and hilarious moments.
  5. The password is “(insert word here)”. *DING!*
  6. Decent tournaments.
  7. The Lightning Round, where a contestant could win up $250 by correctly guessing 5 passwords within 60 seconds.
  8. If it wasn't for this show, Pyramid wouldn't even exist.

Password Plus and Super Password

  1. Password Plus and Super Password are almost an expansion to the original 60s and 70s versions of Password (hence the “Plus” in Password Plus)
    • This version introduced the Password Puzzle, where the passwords are now clues for one whole puzzle (ex. Clues are: “tender”, “moist”, “love”, “germs”, and “lips”; the solution would be “Kiss”)
    • The Alphabetics round (Known as the Super Password round in Super Password) is considered to be the spiritual successor to the Lightning Round from the original 60s and 70s versions of Password.
  2. The Cashword puzzle from Super Password.
  3. Beginning in 1986, Super Password brought back the franchise’s famous quote ‘The password is “(insert word here)”.’ for the first time ever since Password All-Stars ended in 1975.

Bad Qualities

  1. Its 2008 revival, Million Dollar Password; while not too bad, was the most short-lived Password revival.
  2. Has been the subject of controversy, especially with Super Password.
  3. The 1971-1975 run was a victim of the wiping practices, which was very unusual as Mark Goodson usually got back the tapes of his game shows from the networks after their cancellations.


This was also the last game show Bob Stewart created for Goodson-Todman Productions before he left to form his own production company in 1964.


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