Pinky Dinky Doo

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Pinky Dinky Doo
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Genre: Cartoon series
Running Time: 26 minutes
Country: United States
United Kingdom
Release Date: April 10, 2006 – June 17, 2010
Network(s): Noggin
ABC (Australia)
Created by: Jim Jinkins
Starring: India Ennenga
Allison Wachtfogel
Justin Riordan
Heather Dilly
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 104

Pinky Dinky Doo is an American animated children's television series that aired on Noggin from April 5, 2005, until April 8, 2011. The series was created by Jim Jinkins.


Pinky Dinky Doo is a girl who lives in Great Big City with her parents, her little brother, Tyler, and their house pet, Mr. Guinea Pig. When a problem arises, Pinky says, "That gives me an idea" and Tyler says, "Pinky, are you going to make up a story?" and Pinky will say, "Yeserooni positooni!", dancing to a cardboard box, her Storytelling Box, with Tyler and Mr. Guinea Pig. Using chalk and her imagination, she tells a story. In season 2, Pinky uses the Story Pad, a notebook in which Pinky draws pictures for her newer made-up stories, whenever the Story Box is not available. During the made-up story, Pinky must "Think Big", at which point her head swells and she comes up with an often wacky solution to the problem while singing "If I have a problem, don't know which way to go, I think and think and think and think, and suddenly I know!".

Why The Story Is Irresistible

  1. Cute and detailed characters, especially Pinky.
  2. The theme song is catchy.
  3. It was created by the same person who made Doug.
  4. The plot is original.
  5. It teaches kids to use their vocabulary and solve problems.
  6. Majority of good episodes.
  7. The series finale actually felt like one, much like other shows.
  8. Pinky is very likable.
  9. Clever running gags, such as Mr. Guinea Pig playing the trumpet whenever a Great Big Fancy Word is heard.
  10. The art style is very unique, consisted of half-colored pencil drawings.
  11. Nice voice acting by India Ennenga, Heather Dilly and even Jim Jinkins himself.
  12. The animation in Season 1 is nice, despite being very choppy.
  13. Very funny jokes.

Bad Qualities

  1. The show went downhill in its second season:
    • The animation in Season 2, while much smoother, is much more limited and stiff than Season 1's animation. It has also aged poorly.
    • The character designs are a bit off-model and aren't as nice to look at as the Season 1 designs.
    • The plots became even more confusing and nonsensical than in the first season:
      • In "Tyler's Silly Shirt", Mr. Guinea Pig has to deliver a letter to a blue house with an acorn on it. But when he arrives, it turns out that there are hundreds of houses that are blue with acorns on them. Pinky and her friends except Tyler solve this problem by painting different patterns on the houses, which makes absolutely no sense. What makes even less sense is the letter being sent before they repaint their houses.
      • "Pinky's Happy Doo Year" doesn't really seem to have much of a plot at all, as it's just Pinky, Tyler, and Mr. Guinea Pig walking down a garden path that is like a memoriam for all their stories they've told the entire year (or rather, season 2), meeting various made up characters from the stories that come to life from sidewalk chalk drawings.
    • Mr. Guinea Pig received an obnoxious Chipmunks-esque voice.
  2. Too much toilet and gross-out humor, even for preschool show standards. It only increased in the second season.
    • The worst offender is "Where Are My Shoes?", in which Pinky tells a story of how she and her friends wore food on their bare feet when they couldn't find their shoes. The worst part comes when the principal announces that they'll be eating shoes for lunch.
    • Dafnee's last name is Toilette.
    • There is a dinosaur named Poopsie.
  3. The plots are often times weird and messed up.
  4. Like The Wacky World of Tex Avery and Ed, Edd n Eddy, the show uses way too many stock sound effects and they tend to come out of nowhere.
  5. Pointless "Game Time" segments where Pinky and Tyler ask questions about things that the audience will have probably already gotten. Pinky and Tyler also treat the target audience how Barney the Dinosaur, Dora from Dora the Explorer, Diego from Go, Diego, Go!, JoJo from JoJo's Circus, Angela Anaconda, Elmo from the Sesame Street segment Elmo's World, the Little Einsteins, and Blue from Blue's Room do.
  6. Mr. Guinea Pig blows a trumpet before "The Great Big Fancy Word" of each episode is said, which can get very annoying really quickly especially when it happens multiple times an episode.


  • This was the final series to be produced by Cartoon Pizza.


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