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"Hola Pocoyo!" - El Narrador ("Hello Pocoyo!" - The Narrator)
Genre: Preschool education
Running Time: 7 minutes
Country: Spain
United Kingdom (Seasons 1-2)
Release Date: 7 January 2005 – present
Network(s): PBS Kids (2010-2022, as segments on Peep and the Big Wide World, Seasons 1-2 episodes only)
Nick Jr US (2010-2015)
Cartoon Network US (2021-present, under Cartoonito)
Created by: David Cantolla
Luis Gallego
Guillermo Garcia
Colman Lopez
Distributed by: Zinkia Entertainment (2009-present)
Granada Television (2005-2008)
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 244
Next show: Let's Go Pocoyo

Pocoyo is a Spanish (formerly Spanish-British) TV Show that has been running from 2005-present. It is about a 4-year-old human boy called Pocoyo, with friends that look like animals & creatures. And they go on various adventures together.

Por Qué Algunos Amigos Pueden Divertirse Con Él (Why Some Friends Can Have Fun With It)

  1. The idea about a 4-year-old boy having animal & creature looking friends is a very nice idea.
  2. Loads of likable characters that tend to be very caring towards each other and creating character development, such as:
    1. Pocoyo (Seasons 1-3) (light blue)
    2. Nina (light green)
    3. Roberto the Robot
    4. Pato the Duck (Seasons 1-3) (yellow)
    5. Elly the Elephant (pink)
    6. Sleepy Bird and Baby Bird (turquoise)
    7. Fred the Octopus (Seasons 1-3) (red)
    8. Caterpillar (yellow)
    9. Loula the Dog (orange)
  3. The CGI animation is really great, especially for 2005 standards.
  4. The character designs are really decent. Especially for a preschool TV Show.
  5. Amazing, fun and very catchy soundtrack, such as the theme song, "Pato's Song", "Martzianyan Brot Tzirko Kantiko", & "Welcome to the World of Pocoyo" (the ending song).
  6. The narrator is also a likable off screen character for the show.
  7. There are many good and likable side characters, such as:
    1. The Green Aliens
    2. Orange Alien
    3. Baby Spider
    4. Angry Alien
    5. Circus Alien & The Martian Brothers
    6. Whale
    7. Yanko the Yeti
    8. Blue Alien (Mommy Alien)
    9. Pink Alien (Daddy Alien)
    10. The Ball Orchestra
    11. Mr. Yeti (Yanko's Dad)
    12. Mrs. Yeti (Yanko's Mom)
  8. The spin-off, Let's Go Pocoyo, is decent as well.
  9. As the show goes, Pocoyo & his friends interact with the narrator when they go on adventures. Meaning that Pocoyo's Friends are communicating with the narrator, & not the audience.
  10. It also managed to spawn a few games as well, such as Pocoyo Racing and Pocoyo Party, despite the latter game being very average.
  11. The second season was an improvement, as it introduced more characters, more locations such as space, and the animation started to improve.
  12. The show is pretty good at teaching great morals.
  13. Nina's introduction in the episode with the same name is pretty decent and is well executed since Pocoyo now has a human friend.
  14. There are also a handful of amazing specials, such as:
    1. "Pocoyo & Nina's Terror Show"
    2. "Pocoyo & The Haunted House"
    3. "Caterpillar's Egg"
    4. "Pocoyo Easter Eggs"
    5. "The Big Soccer Match"
    6. "Halloween Potion"
    7. "World Domination on Ice" (depending on your view)
    8. "The Coloring Book" (despite Pato & Elly being out-of-character)
    9. "Nina's Easter Day"
    10. "The Reflection"
    11. "Crazy Inventions" (which started the Pocoyo specials on a high note)
    12. " the Beach?" (depending on your view)
  15. The endings to most of the episodes are adorable & enjoyable, as they end with Pocoyo and his friends having fun, or even dancing with each other.
  16. The first two seasons are the best seasons of the series, due to most of the episodes teaching good morals, learning new things, and most of the character’s personalities.

Malas Cualidades (Bad Qualities)

  1. The show can sometimes be formulaic.
  2. Pocoyo and Pato can be unlikable sometimes, as Pocoyo is sometimes cruel to his friends & Pato is quite grumpy. Not to mention the 2 even fight in some episodes, some examples include "A Little Something Between Friends" and "Space Holidays".
  3. There are a handful of bad-to-mediocre episodes, such as:
    1. "Fussy Duck" (depending on your view)
    2. "A Little Something Between Friends"
    3. "All for One"
    4. "Pocoyo's Balloon"
    5. "Scary Noises"
    6. "Party Pooper"
    7. "My Pato!"
    8. "Baby Bird Bother"
    9. "Get Lost Loula" (although the first half of the episode [excluding the part where Pocoyo's friends were mad] and the ending were both decent)
    10. "Shutterbug"
    11. "Farewell Friends"
    12. ”Horse!”
    13. ”Elly’s Tea Party” (depending on your view)
    14. "Space Holidays"
    15. "Formula Pato"
    16. ”The Bee”
  4. Season 4, while decent, is not as good as the first three seasons, due to the flanderization of some characters, more bad episodes than the previous seasons, and the narrator’s voice change (although his voice actor was changed in Season 3, it got even worse in Season 4.).
  5. There were some bad specials such as:
    1. "You Are Welcome For Thanksgiving"
    2. "Pocoyo's World Sports Games"
    3. "Angry Alien's First Halloween" (depending on your view)
  6. In season 3, some episodes are just remakes of previous episodes with extra segments, which is rather lazy.
  7. Some of the characters were flanderized in the fourth season:
    • Pocoyo has gone from being a cute lovable boy with blue clothes who learns new things into a egotistical, idiotic & unpleasant boy that sometimes fights with Pato over the smallest things.
    • Pato went from being a loyal, smart duck into a stupid nonsensical duck that sometimes fights with Pocoyo a lot in most episodes, and is sometimes even a jerk to some of his other friends (especially in Formula Pato.).
    • Fred had gone from being a friendly, silly octopus into a overreactive, whiny idiot that is now more angry than silly, and is very bossy to the other characters (especially Pocoyo, Pato, & Elly).
  8. Starting from "Christmas...At the Beach?" onwards (excluding All Aboard the Train & A Viking Adventure), The narrator now keeps calling Pocoyo & his friends "Kids". It gets pretty annoying.
  9. The show starting using weird, creepy, scary white eyed faces whenever the characters are scared of something or addicted, which looks very weird, & scary to some toddlers.

Episodios Con Sus Propias Páginas Y Otros Episodios Buenos/Decentes (Episodes with Their Own Pages and Other Good/Decent Episodes)

  1. "Umbrella, Umbrella" (An amazing start to the series)
  2. "Drumroll Please"
  3. "Swept Away"
  4. "Who's on the Phone?"
  5. "Fetch Loula, Fetch!" (despite Loula being a unlikable character where she knocks down Pato's Ball Tower twice)
  6. "A Present for Elly"
  7. "Double Bubble"
  8. "The Key to It All"
  9. "Sleepy Bird's Surprise"
  10. "Where's Pocoyo?" (depending on your view)
  11. "The Great Race"
  12. "Elly's Spots"
  13. "Up, Up, and Away"
  14. "A Surprise for Pocoyo"
  15. "Having a Ball"
  16. "Super Pocoyo"
  17. "Color My World"
  18. "Musical Blocks"
  19. "Paint Me a Picture!"
  20. "Elly's Doll"
  21. "Wackily Ever After" (which ended Season 1 on a high note)
  22. "Mr. Big Duck" (which started Season 2 on a high note)
  23. "Guess What?"
  24. "New on the Planet"
  25. "Pocoyo's Present"
  26. "Who's Calling Me Now?" (excluding the part where Baby Bird is crying)
  27. "Big Scary Slide"
  28. "Duck Stuck"
  29. "Vamoosh on the Loose"
  30. "Lost in Space" (depending on your view)
  31. "Invisible Pocoyo"
  32. "Baby Bird Sitting"
  33. "Pocoyo's Puppet Show"
  34. "Pato's Egg"
  35. "Sneaky Shoes" (depending on your view)
  36. "Angry Alien" and "Angry Alien Strikes Back"
  37. "Pato's Paintings"
  38. "Double Trouble"
  39. "Remember When..." (Which ended the second season on a high note)
  40. "Cooking with Elly"
  41. "Hole in One"
  42. "Pocoyo's Restaurant"
  43. "Elly's Computer"
  44. "Face Painting"
  45. "Pocoyo's Supermarket"
  46. "Elly's Playhouse"
  47. "Traffic Jam"
  48. "Cinema"
  49. "Elly's New Doll"
  50. "Circus"
  51. "Pocoyo Recycles"
  52. "Down on the Farm"
  53. "Fishing with Pocoyo" (which was a great way to end off Season 3 and send off Let's Go Pocoyo)
  54. "Chicks Dig Me"
  55. "Call Me" (depending on your view)
  56. "Muck Struck"
  57. "Nina" (the episode, not the character)
  58. "Hole Lotta Trouble"
  59. "Great Shot!"
  60. "House of Colors"
  61. "Summer Hike"
  62. "Bumbleberry Surprise"
  63. "Tourist Trapped" (depending on your view)
  64. "Time After Time Before Time"
  65. "Tiny Fun Park"
  66. "Space Postal Service
  67. "Dinosaurs" (which made a Angry Birds reference)
  68. "The Ball Orchestra's Party"
  69. "The Videogame Party"
  70. "The Treasure Hunt"
  71. "Yanko's First Day"
  72. "Space Postal Service"

Recepción (Reception)

The show received mixed to positive reception from reviewers. It currently has a 7.3/10 on IMDb.

Trivialidades (Trivia)

  • Pato's name for the show was originally Ducky.

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