Pool Daze (Kick Buttowski)

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Pool Daze (Kick Buttowski)
Pool Daze.PNG
"If I do what she wants, maybe she'll do what the Brad wants!" - Brad to Kick.
Part of Season: 2a
Episode Number: 9a
Air Date: July 25, 2011
Writer: Patrick Andrew O'Connor
Director: Chris Savino
Previous episode: Luigi Vendetta
Next episode: Live in Wade

"Pool Daze" is the first half of the ninth episode in the second season's first half of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.


During a heatwave, Kick and his friends head to the Mellowbrook Community pool. But when lifeguards Shannon (Joanna Garcia) and Brad, who has a crush on her (along with Horace and Pantsy as Brad's associates), force Kick and his friends to stay in the kiddie pool, Kick leads his friends in a battle for freedom and fun.

Why It's Cool

  1. Some funny moments, such as Gunther saying "curse you, demon sun" when his "sunscreen" doesn't work, along with his other quote "Lord Duckyson, you're alive?" and Shannon saying that Brad and her will go out on their first date on the 30th of February (depending on your view) - which isn't even a real date in that month (not even on a leap year). Plus, so much more!
  2. Kick's plan here (at first) is very clever, as he tries to find something out of the water's drain lock, throws a "water bug" to Brad, and then his friends and himself disguise as elderly people. But his second plan is even better, as he throws Brad and his seat into the big pool and hits him with his net for catching people, he breaks the lockdown cage to pieces and tells everyone "free swim!", traps Brad's friends in mini circles, but then Brad and him accidentally crash into everything at the community pool in sight and the giant ball lets out a big splash.
  3. All the people at the Mellowbrook Community Pool (except for Brad, his friends and Shannon) are still likable characters, especially Kick as mentioned above.
  4. Speaking of which, the giant rolling ball looks very impressive, and even more so when it jumps into the big pool.
  5. Good Ending: Although all the water in the big pool got drained due to the giant ball everyone rolled in jumping into it, Kick finds a new plan by giving everyone Cheetah Chug ice creams and performing a big stunt on the pool, while Brad gets his comeuppance by getting ditched by Shannon and replaced with Papercut Peterson.

Bad Qualities

  1. On the other hand, it's somewhat a torture episode for all the kids at the community pool as they get put into the kiddie pool by Brad and his assistants, and then in "lockdown" by being trapped in an inescapable object.
  2. As mentioned above, Brad is still unlikable for not letting the kids have fun at the pool and trapping them in the kiddie pool, and then an inescapable object, but he does get his comeuppance at the end.
    • Shannon, the girl Brad falls in love with isn't any better as she never appreciated Brad's love for her and refused to go on a date by saying that it'll be the 30th of February (which isn't even a date, until 28th or 29th, in that month), and used an excuse for not working by saying that she "needs her food to digest".


  • This episode, along with Live in Wade, hold a rating of 6.8/10 on IMDB.


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