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Possible Possum

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Possible Possum
Possible possum screenshot.jpg

Possible Possum is a series of animated shorts for television, produced by Terrytoons. One of the final series to be produced in-house at New Rochelle before the studio chose to outsource to West Coast studios for the remainder of its active years. The series ran from 1965 to 1971, a year after Deputy Dawg ceased production.



  • Frieght Fright
  • Darn Barn
  • Git That Guitar
  • The Toothless Beaver


  • Watch the Butterfly


  • Big Bad Bobcat
  • Surprisin' Exercisin'
  • The Rock Hounds
  • Mount Piney


  • The Red Swamp Pox
  • The Bold Eagle
  • Swamp Snapper


  • Surface Surf Aces
  • Swamp Water Taffy
  • Slinky Minky


  • Berry Funny
  • Big Mo
  • Kooky Cucumbers

Why it Rocks

  1. The animators are able to take an existing character from a previous show and make him different while getting rid of the Pogo influence in the process.
  2. Possible Possum is famous for his catchphrase "It's possible, it's possible."
    • His personality is friendly and easy going, while being a hero type character at times.
  3. Good animation from Ralph Bakshi and other crew members.
  4. Best known for its supporting characters, such as Billy Bear and Macon Mouse. Including the antagonists.
  5. Wonderful country music scores from Philip A. Scheib.
  6. Great voice talents from Lionel Wilson.
  7. The shorts were released to DVD by Jerry Beck in the early 2000s.
  8. Character designs and simplistic backgrounds are fairly decent.
  9. While not as popular as Deputy Dawg, the show is an underrated classic to this day.
  10. This series ended Connie Rasinski's career at Terrytoons on a high note. It was also one of the kickstarts of Ralph Bakshi's career before he moved to Paramount's animation division for a brief time in 1967.
  11. The show's elements would later be incorporated into Wander Over Yonder.

Bad Qualities

  1. There are some weak episodes that involve filler and/or wasted potential, such as The Toothless Beaver.
  2. This series ended up becoming the last show to be produced in-house at New Rochelle, which is pretty disappointing.
  3. Possible Possum and his pals never returned in the Curbside pilot.


  • Before this show came into fruition, there was a character who originally had the same name (before being renamed to Muskie Muskrat) in the Deputy Dawg series. [1]



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