Pound Puppies (2010)

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Pound Puppies (2010)
Pound Puppies Title Card.png
Genre: Adventure
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: October 10, 2010 – November 16, 2013
Network(s): Discovery Family
Created by: Joe Ansolabehere
Distributed by: Hasbro Studios
Starring: Ed Skudder
René Auberjonois
Yvette Nicole Brown
John DiMaggio
Michael Rapaport
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 65
Previous show: Pound Puppies (1986)

Pound Puppies is a 2010 Canadian/American animated series by Hasbro. It was a sequel of the 1986 series. It was cancelled in 2013. It lasted 3 seasons, with a total of 65 episodes.


The show follows five dogs (Lucky, Cookie, Niblet, Strudel, and Squirt) who find homes for dogs at Shelter 17.

Why Its Proud

  1. Original animation style. It cleverly uses flash animation.
  2. Interesting characters.
  3. Amazing music score by Daniel Ingram.
  4. Great morals.
  5. Good voice acting, especially from Eric McCormack.
  6. Fascinating plots.
  7. It manages to use a formula without being too repetitive.
  8. Funny jokes.
  9. Squirt is a Chihuahua. He could have just been another Mexican stereotype, but he actually has a New York accent and came from Hoboken.
  10. The episode "There's Something About Camelia" contains an implicit allusion to transgenderism.
    1. Speaking of stereotypes, the episode Hot Dawg had a scene that shows how silly racism is when Squirt says "I'm a Chihuahua!" and Niblet replies, "Why should I believe a word of a Chihuahua?"

Bad Qualities

  1. Kath Soucie, Grey DeLisle, and E. G. Daily are overused as puppy voices. And even if they weren't overused, they would still make Anime girls sound ear-pleasing!
  2. Niblet, Dot, and McLeish are quite aggravating.
  3. Some bad episodes like Lucky Gets Adopted.
  4. Later episodes have toilet humor.
  5. It can sometimes seem that its pandering towards furries.
  6. The first 7 episodes have bad animation from 9 Story, but did get a lot better when the studio switched to DHX Media.


  • It is one of the few Canadian cartoons to have American voice actors, although they were used only because they were popular.
  • It is one of the few cartoons to have never seen the change from Hub Network to Discovery Family.


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