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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
PR Lost Galaxy logo.png
Go Galactic
Genre: Action
Science fantasy
Country: United States
Release Date: Febuary 6, 1999 - December 18, 1999
Starring: Archie Kao
Reggie Rolle
Danny Slavin
Valerie Vernon
Cerina Vincent
Russell Lawrence
Amy Miller
Melody Perkins
Paul Schrier
Episodes: 45
Previous show: Power Rangers In Space
Next show: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy is the seventh season of the Power Rangers franchise based on Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.

Why it Rocks

  1. Compared to the Super Sentai series it was based on, it is a bit of an improvement.
  2. This is the first Power Rangers season to introduced new cast.
  3. Likeable characters like Leo, Mike, and Kendrix.
  4. Great story arcs like the Magna Defender arc & the Lost Galaxy arc.
  5. Trakeena is a good villain.
  6. It had crossovers with In Space ("To the Tenth Power" & "The Power of Pink") and Lightspeed Rescue ("Trakeena's Revenge").
  7. Cool Mecha designs.
  8. The theme song is really catchy.
  9. Leo's character journey is pretty good, starting out as a selfish, rebellious teen, and slowly becoming a selfless, team-playing adult.

Bad Qualities

  1. Most of the villains are bland and terrible.
  2. The Lost Galaxy arc overused Sentai footage.
  3. Most episodes and the "Until Sunset" episode are pretty weak.
  4. Some awkward moments like the part where Leo says, "Have a nice fall!" to Deviot.