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Power Rangers Mystic Force

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Power Rangers Mystic Force
Magical Source Mystic Force!
Genre: Action
Science fantasy
Running Time: 21-22 minutes
Country: United States
New Zealand
Release Date: February 20, 2006 – November 23, 2006
Network(s): Toon Disney
ABC (ABC Kids)
Created by: Jetix
The Walt Disney Company
Toei Company
Starring: Firass Dirani
Angie Diaz
Richard Brancatisano
Melanie Vallejo
Nic Sampson
John Tui
Peta Rutter
Antonia Prebble
Barnie Duncan
Kelson Henderson
Episodes: 32
Previous show: Power Rangers S.P.D.
Next show: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Power Rangers Mystic Force (often abbreviated as "PRMF") is the fourteenth incarnation of the Power Rangers franchise, based on the Super Sentai series, Mahou Sentai Magiranger. It was aired on Jetix and ABC Kids in 2006 and it was produced by BVS Entertainment.


When the wicked Undead Army is unleashed, sorceress Udonna empowers five teenagers -- the Mystic Force Power Rangers -- to save mankind.

Why It Rocks

  1. The idea of the Power Rangers being a Mystic Force is very cool.
  2. Great acting, like where John Tui played as Daggeron, the Solaris Knight, who previously played Anubis "Doggie" Cruger from S.P.D..
  3. Likeable characters such as Nick, Xander, Leanbow, Daggeron, Vida, Madison, and Chip.
  4. Cool fight scenes.
  5. Awesome villains such as Koragg the Knight Wolf.
  6. Great storylines.
  7. The suits are awesome.
  8. The concept was very great.
  9. While it has no crossover between this and S.P.D., Piggy did make is cameo appearance in Ranger Down.
  10. "Mystic Fate" was a great finale.
  11. The intro music sounds amazing!

Bad Qualities

  1. Some dumb moments like when Vida sticks her tongue to a kid in Code Busters.
  2. The comedy can be unfunny at times.
  3. The acting can be weak sometimes.
  4. The whole team never gets to team up with S.P.D..
  5. Depending on your point of view, Nick is unlikable sometimes and having too much focus episodes.


  • All the episodes for this season we're aired on Toon Disney, expect for Episode 25 "The Hunter", which was aired on ABC Family on August 20, 2006, making this as the last Power Rangers to aired on that channel, before ABC Family dropped off Jetix on August 31, 2006.