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Princess Nefarious (Rocket Monkeys)

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Princess Nefarious is the 21st episode of Season 1 and overall episode in Rocket Monkeys.

Princess Nefarious
Princess title card.png
The monkeys are going to save this princess in this good episode.
Series: Rocket Monkeys
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 21
Air Date: March 28, 2013
Writer: Josh Saltzman
Director: Steve LeCouilliard
Previous episode: Ukulele Wally
Next episode: Home on the Strange


When Gus and Wally are finishing their badge collection for the GASI Red Tassel of Achievement, Nefarious disguises himself as a princess in order for the monkeys to save him.

Why It Saves A Squid Princess

  1. The premise is clever as Gus and Wally are finishing the badge collection to get rewards.
  2. There is also another premise where Nefarious dressing up as a princess in order for the monkeys to save him, then later, they play with him, which is entertaining.
  3. As mentioned above, the monkeys hanging out and play with him is kind of funny.
  4. Yay-OK and Slo-Mo's romance is an amazing sub-plot.
  5. Gus and Wally are likable characters as they wanted to collect badges to get rewards.
  6. Nefarious is a likable character as the monkeys wanted to hang out after saving him in the tower.
  7. The monkeys singing a rap song twice is cool.
  8. The ending is great as Yay-OK and Slo-Mo are having a romantic dinner and the monkeys singing another rap song.

Bad Qualities

  1. This is a Nefarious torture episode as the monkeys play with him.
    • There is also a restaurant scene where the chef tortures Nefarious and the monkeys, which is mean spirited, even if the three are hungry.
  2. The chef is an unlikable character as he try to kill the monkeys and Nefarious in order to make "monkey soup with a bit of squid face".
  3. Wally kissing a frog is kind of gross.
  4. Yay-OK's back is also gross to see, even though he is a robot as there are no pimples in real life.