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Programa Silvio Santos

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Programa Silvio Santos
Silvio Santos Vem Aí!
Genre: Entertainment
Running Time: 240 minutes
Country: Brazil
Release Date: June 2, 1963 - present
Network(s): SBT (since 1981)
TV Paulista (1963–1966)
Rede Globo (1966–1976)
Rede Tupi (1976–1980)
REI-TV Record (1976–1987)
Created by: Silvio Santos
Distributed by: SBT
Starring: Silvio Santos
Seasons: 56

Programa Silvio Santos is a Brazilian television program, in auditorium and variety format, presented and created by the renowned animator Silvio Santos, and currently aired on SBT. It had its debut with the name on June 2, 1963, being the most enduring program in the world presented by the same presenter.

It is generalized as a program of sequential sketches of games, musical disputes, pranks and others. It became the main attraction of SBT on Sundays.

Why It Rocks

  1. Is the second long-running and oldest program in the history of Brazilian television, with the same presenter Silvio Santos for 57 years.
  2. The program was responsible for helping to raise Rede Globo's success and audience throughout Brazil between the 60s and 70s, at a time when Globo was still a small channel.
  3. Good and splendid presentation by Silvio Santos himself who is easily recognized for his phrases and gestures, as well as being considered one of the most iconic Brazilian presenters of all time.
  4. During the 70s, when the show was still aired on Rede Globo, the opening was done in animation by the great cartoonist Ely Barbosa and using the characters Lili, Dentinho and Cacá, created by Barbosa for comics and LPs.
  5. Until 2009 the program had the voice of the great and iconic announcer Lombardi, who was present with Silvio since the beginning of his career and was known to have a mysterious identity.
  6. Good segments that the program has as Game of the Dots, Game of the Three Clues, Gymkhana, Gate of Hope, Stop or Continue, Questions for the Auditorium, Freshman Exam, Don't Miss the Letter, Baby Contest, Bolsa Família, Vale Tudo and much more.
  7. The classic and wonderful opening theme, Silvio Santos Vem Aí is nostalgic.
  8. Many phrases by Silvio Santos are iconic like: "É com você, Lombardi!" (It's with you, Lombardi) or "Ma Oe".
  9. The Hidden Cams are considered the funniest part on the program, that were even shown on Japanese TV. We're not kidding.
  10. Silvio Santos giving money to the auditorium and saying: Quem quer aviãozinho? (Who wants a plane?) it is one of the best parts of the program.

Bad Qualities

  1. Until the 90s the program had a segment called "Semana do Presidente" (Week of the President) that always aired during commercial breaks normally praising the daily life of each president, including even controversial presidents like José Sarney or Fernando Collor (the latter being impeached in 1992).
  2. Depending on your point of view, the program went downhill: when Maisa was hired by Silvio Santos (see below), when Lombardi died in 2009, or when Silvio started to have controversies during the 2010s decade. In addition Silvio has aged a lot over the years, currently 91 years old!
  3. The introduction of Maisa Silva in the program in 2008 was somewhat controversial and ended up dividing opinion among the public, with Maisa (at the time only 6 years old) being rude to Silvio many times and vice versa, at a point that Maisa ended up becoming a meme on the internet (just like her hosting on Sábado Animado) and even being parodied in the humorous show Pânico na TV (who ended up causing Maisa to be bullied at school). On May 22, 2009, Maisa was banned by the court from continuing to appear with Silvio on the program, after Silvio was accused of child abuse by making Maisa cry twice.
  4. The presenter Silvio Santos, more precisely in the recent years, is involved in many controversies of racism, homophobia, fatphobia and more.
  5. The program lost its national success after the cancellation of the concessions of Rede Tupi on July 18, 1980 until the inauguration of the SBT on August 19, 1981.