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The entire airing history of Pyramid in one picture.

Pyramid is a long-running game show franchise created by Bob Stewart that has aired under several incarnations.

Why It Rocks

  1. Masterful hosting from Dick Clark. Other decent hosts include Donny Osmond, Mike Richards, and Michael Strahan.
  2. Catchy theme songs.
  3. Great-looking sets, except the 2002 version.
  4. A well-crafted format with challenging and engaging gameplay, especially in the tension-filled end game.
  5. Great cash prizes.
  6. Many great celebrity players over the years.
  7. Great announcing, whether it's Bob Clayton, Jack Clark, Johnny Gilbert, Charlie O'Donnell, J.D. Roberto, or Brad Abelle.

Bad Qualities

  1. John Davidson was a terrible host.
  2. The 2002 version was mediocre.
  3. The 2012 version was much more faithful to the classic versions, but some contestants and especially celebrities were terrible at the game.