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Record Kids (2002-2012)

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Record Kids (2002-2012)
Before becoming a boring kids block without anything new and with saturated repetitions of Woody Woodpecker and Everybody Hates Chris, this block was something useful in the children's programming of RecordTV.
Country: Brazil
Release Date: 2002[1]-present
Network(s): RecordTV

Record Kids is a children's program from RecordTV initially dedicated to cartoons. It started in 2002, but only between 2005 and 2008 had its peak audience in the afternoons of programming with classics like Woody Woodpecker, Popeye the Sailor, in addition to the series Everybody Hates Chris.

Why It Rocked

  1. It aired many good animated cartoons like Peanuts, Garfield and Friends, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987), Biblical Cartoons, Popeye the Sailor and of course Woody Woodpecker and its 1999 series The New Woody Woodpecker Show. The block even aired the first seasons of Family Guy, despite the series is not for kids.
  2. Also aired sitcoms like Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Everybody Hates Chris, despite also like Family Guy, the series is also not kid-friendly.
  3. Before its on-going downfall since 2012, it wasn't a boring rerun program to only air Woody Woodpecker and Everybody Hates Chris and was a block that aired any series to the audience of the block, not only just those two series already mentioned before.
  4. Was one of the best children's programs of RecordTV in the 2000s decade, along with Desenho Mania and Eliana e Alegria.
  5. The second and third intros with a box with a lever with the block's logo are iconic.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. Since 2012, the block itself started to decline, due of their excessive reruns of Woody Woodpecker and Everybody Hates Chris, as well with no new shows.



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