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Regular Show (seasons 1-4, 7 & 8)

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Regular Show
It’s anything but...
Genre: Animated sitcom
Running Time: 11 minutes (episodes)
22 minutes (specials)
33 minutes (Series finale)
Country: United States
Release Date: September 6, 2010 -
August 12, 2013,
June 26, 2015 -
January 16, 2017
Network(s): Cartoon Network
Created by: J. G. Quintel
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: J. G. Quintel
William Salyers
Sam Marin
Mark Hamill
Janie Haddad Tompkins
Minty Lewis
Episodes: 12 (Season 1)
28 (Season 2)
40 (Season 3)
40 (Season 4)
39 (Season 7)
31 (Season 8)

Regular Show is an American animated urban fantasy buddy comedy series created by J. G. Quintel on Cartoon Network. It ran from 2010 to 2017.


Mordecai, a blue jay, and Rigby, a raccoon, are groundskeepers at a park. But these best friends are lazy and don't let their jobs interfere with their ability to have fun. While Mordecai tries to be responsible and do a good job, he's frequently led astray by his immature pal, who is totally without fear or shame, and has no boundaries at all. The friends often end up having to pay for their irresponsible actions as they usually get into more trouble than they anticipated. Their slacking off at work causes much chagrin for their hot-tempered gumball machine boss, Benson.

Why These Seasons Can't Be Fired

  1. The title of the show is cleverly ironic. The title describes this cartoon as a regular show but the vast majority of, if not all, episodes in the show feature crazy surreal events.
  2. Great animation.
  3. Likable and hilarious characters.
  4. Hilarious, intelligent and delightfully controversial jokes that all add an adult-like tone to the show.
  5. The episodes have surreal and creative plots. The idea of turning boring everyday jobs into exciting adventures gives a lot of opportunities for imagination.
  6. The show massively redeemed itself during seasons 7 & 8 after its seasonal rot during seasons 5 & 6.
  7. Tends to blend both relatable situations (like the pains of having a patronizing boss) and nostalgia of the 80s and 90s into one episode.
  8. Some scary and edgy themes.
  9. Intense fight scenes.
  10. Memorable and iconic quotes and catchphrases, such as "OOOOOHHHH!", "Or you're FIRED!", "MY MOM!" and "STOP TALKING!!!"
  11. The morals are delivered in the craziest and outrageous ways.
  12. Good characterization: Despite his lazy ways, Mordecai is kind, respectful and will take on any responsibility just to have fun with others, which makes him a good role model. Rigby is the complete opposite, but he still comes through for Mordecai in the end. This duo is possibly the only two similar characters while the others are given individual, original personalities of their own.
    • Similarly, Rigby had demonstrated great character development and maturation over the course of the series. In the earliest episodes, he was fairly abrasive, childish, and was once shown to be a high school dropout. In later seasons, he makes a conscious effort to turn his life around, even making it a point to go back to high school and complete his remaining classes. His development is especially apparent when comparing his interactions with Eileen, as he's a lot nicer to her in later seasons.
  13. The background design is simple but well illustrated.
  14. Great music.
  15. It spawned a film called Regular Show: The Movie. Which was confirmed by the creator to canon to the show and to have take place in between Seasons 6 and 7.
  16. Hilariously weird choice of the characters' species: Mordecai is a blue jay, Rigby is a raccoon, Benson is a gumball machine, Skips is a yeti, Muscle Man is a green-skinned humanoid, and Hi-Five Ghost is just what his name suggests: a ghost with an arm extending from the top of his head.
    • Among the most bizarre of things, Pops was revealed to be a super-powered, constantly reincarnated alien being destined to fight his evil twin in a battle that resets the universe, and his noble sacrifice is rather tear-jerking.
    • Adding to the humor is the fact that human beings interact with them with no particular problem. Not to mention that they rarely ever reference their species' traits, such as Benson's gumballs and Rigby's tail.
  17. The final episode was a strong and emotional end to the series.
  18. Tons of intimidating and hilarious antagonists.
  19. Benson's yelling against Mordecai and Rigby is fairly hilarious by par by Mrs. Wicket from Mr. Bean: The Animated Series.
  20. Many episodes of this show involve Mordecai and Rigby playing games, most of them being known classic games such as Excitebike, Adventure Island, Donkey Kong, etc. thus catering towards video game fans.
  21. This show may be over, but a non-canon continuation is available in comic book form.
  22. It was a cartoon along with Adventure Time, helped save Cartoon Network from seeing a decline in ratings.
  23. Along with The Ren and Stimpy Show and seasons 1-7 of Family Guy, this shows that censorship can have benefits to the creativity of the show as back then, Cartoon Network not only controlled the adult content, yet it allows the writers to be more creative with their comedic gags and story executions.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some material is not appropriate for younger and family viewers in the time, such as on-screen death, guns, sexual innuendoes, and, before Cartoon Network redubbed most of it, mild swearing back in Season One.
  2. The series would gradually decline in quality in Season 4, although it is still a decent season. The show would then experience a bigger decline in quality in Season 5 & 6.
  3. The characters (while likable) can be sometimes annoying, especially Mordecai, Rigby, and Pops.
    • In fact, Benson, while funny, can be extremely unlikable and unsympathetic, especially when he threatens to fire Mordecai and Rigby over trivial things or even things that weren't their fault, suggesting he will use ANY excuse to get rid of them. The episode "The Best Burger in the World" is a perfect example of how unlikable Benson can get, he was also very unlikable in episodes like Fireworks Run.
      • Not to mention, his turning red and loud yelling can be real obnoxious for some viewers.
      • Some may argue that Benson suffers from on and off flanderization in Seasons 3-6. Though he was eventually redeemed in Season 7.
    • Rigby can also be unlikable in early seasons, in episodes such as Do me a Solid. Though he would eventually undergo character development as the series progressed and, like Benson, redeemed himself in Season 7.
  4. Some of the plot lines aren't that well-paced, such as the love triangle between Mordecai, CJ, and Margaret, which is one of the few times where the show got uncomfortable.
  5. Even before and after the fall of the series there are still a handful of bad or mediocre episodes, for example:
    • The Unicorns Have Got to Go
    • Jinx (As Rigby is just unfairly tortured in this episode)
    • The Best Burger in the World
    • Do Me a Solid
    • Bet to be Blonde
    • Yes Dude Yes
    • Quips
    • Steak Me Amadeus (depending on your view)
    • Dumptown U.S.A
    • Local News Legend (depending on your view)
    • Return of Party Horse (depending on your view)
    • Brain Eraser
  6. The episodes, while great, can sometimes get formulaic; An episode begins in a normal day, then something bizarre happens then at the end, some unexpected or predictable twist happens (Like something great happening, only to backfire humorously).
  7. Sub-par character designs for some of the characters, such as the weirdness of having a green human.
  8. Can get mean spirited at times.
  9. Similarly to Adventure Time, the series suffers from heavy censorship in many countries (especially the UK and Australia), which effectively neuters many of the jokes. Furthermore, many episodes were pulled in those countries for content.
    • One particular case is "Go Viral", which was never aired in Australia despite not being any worse than most episodes that did make it on the air.
  10. It is unknown what happened to the Park workers' supporting allies (Death, The Ducklings, DVD and Blu-Ray, etc.) after the universal glitch in the finale.
  11. Despite "The Real Thomas" being a good episode, it was considered anti-Russian, pro-American propaganda in Russia and was banned in said country.
  12. The series sometimes contradicts continuity.
    • For example, in the 8th season, Pops is revealed to be an ultra-powerful alien with god-like powers, whereas in the movie adaptation, the future Pops does not posses these powers and is killed by Ross' forces, which could mean that Anti-Pops would've erased everything with his brother dead, but he doesn't appear. But since Anti-Pops wasn't conceived yet, hence the plot hole.
  13. If not creating, Regular Show did popularize the cringe worthy trend of cartoons appealing to modern kids with their typical "yo", "dude", "cool" & "bro" slang, despite this show's slightly superior approach on that concept.
  14. The intro is extremely lazy.


Regular Show received critical acclaim by critics and audiences alike. It is considered to be one of the greatest shows Cartoon Network ever made. The series sits at an 8.5/10 on IMDb.


  • Regular Show originally started out as a college project called “2 in the AM PM” back in 2007. The short featured Mordecai and Benson as coworkers at a gas station both of which were humans that experienced strange effects (a result of getting high) from the acid that Mordecai put in.
  • William Salyers, the voice actor of Rigby, later went on to focus on his roles as characters in three DC movies such as Batman vs. Two-Face, Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, and Superman: Red Son after the show's cancellation.
  • J.G. Quintel, the creator of this series and actor who voiced Mordecai and Hi-Five Ghost, has won a Primetime Emmy Award at the Nickelodeon Film Festival Producers Choice Awards.
  • Minty Lewis (who voiced Eileen) worked in 20th Century Studios to become the creator and producer of Fox's new animated show The Great North for the Animation Domination block, which airs on Sundays in 2021 on Fox.


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