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Remington Tufflips' Spooky Trailer of Cartoons (Sanjay and Craig)

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Remington Tufflips' Spooky Trailer of Cartoons (Sanjay and Craig)
Screenshot 20211012-065125.jpg
"A ghost did that" - Remington Tufflips.
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 8
Air Date: October 18, 2014
Writer: Greg Araya
Jim Dirschberger
Josh Engel
Carl Faruolo
Jay Howell
Will McRobb
Tom Parkinson
Chris Viscardi
Previous episode: Glad to Be Sad
Next episode: TuffCon

"Remington Tufflips' Spooky Trailer of Cartoons" (aka "Tufflips' Tales of Terror") is the eighth episode in the second season of Sanjay and Craig.


Tufflips tells 5 Halloween stories in this episode. They are:

  • "Eye Scream"
  • "Haus of Vings"
  • "Haunted Milk"
  • "Hook'd"
  • "Poultrygeist"

Why It Rocks

  1. The plot is a great parody of the Treehouse of Horror series from The Simpsons, as it has Tufflips hosting the episode and showing us some spooky cartoon segments - and they're all great and spooktacular to watch.
  2. A tiny lady going into a person's eye and inserting food hole to make the person sleep eat and lose its appetite in the first segment is a pretty interesting concept.
  3. Sanjay and Craig taking the tiny lady out of Hector's eye while he sleeps and telling her to get out of the house in the first segment was a clever move.
  4. Some of Sanjay and Craig's friends being merged with some animals in the second segment is pretty funny to look at, the merging creates an advantage for Sanjay and Craig when they merge with a mountain goat to try and get away from Noodman merged with his cat, Butterscotch.
    • It also has a delicious concept where Noodman's Switzerland house is made out of chicken wings, which of course causes Sanjay and Craig to eat some of the house.
  5. The third segment is also original, despite being gross, with Noodman drinking milk that not only expires on Halloween night but is also haunted with his fingers bleeding with milk and then suddenly vomiting with it.
  6. That funny fourth wall break where Tufflips says "We got more cartoons comin', but 'tíl then, enjoy these spooky commercials" when the commercial breaks start. He even says that the commercials weren't scary enough when they end.
  7. The fourth segment has a great concept done lots of times before where Sanjay and Craig want to try a special game in the Frycade, but when actually doing so as they sneak in due to Penny leaving the back door open, they suddenly get sucked in when pressing the left and right buttons and then switch hands with Penny.
  8. The fifth segment has a scary but rockin' concept where Sanjay and Craig see the Dicksons in the cemetery telling a story about how chicken wings used to be eaten long ago and when lots of bones were thrown away, they summoned a monster known as the Chicken Wing King. It then follows by the Dicksons singing a rockin' and extremely catchy song that summons a lot of bats and the Chicken Wing King, but Sanjay stops them disrupting the Frycade by proving that everyone loves chicken wings to the point where he made presentations and pie charts. And it ends with Craig turning a lot of colors when burping.
    • Speaking of which, the Chicken Wing King is pretty creative and original for a monster.

Bad Qualities

  1. The only gross-out humor bits were when Hector in his pig form farted and basically some of the third segment, "Haunted Milk".
  2. Noodman in the second segment was a bit intolerable for chasing Sanjay and Craig just because they ate his chicken wing house.
    • Speaking of which, the said segment ends on a cliffhanger with Sanjay, Craig and the goat losing when they merge with a rock.


  • It holds a mixed rating of 5/10 on IMDB.


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