SML Movie: Jeffy the Rapper

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SML Movie: Jeffy the Rapper
This is how you make a good Jeffy video.
Series: SuperMarioLogan
Part of Season: 9
Episode Number: 18
Air Date: March 13, 2017
Previous episode: 1 2 Switch Bodies
Next episode: Mistaken

“Jeffy the Rapper” is the 18th episode of the 9th season of SML.


After hearing Jeffy’s song, Tyrone makes him a rapper.

Why It Rocks

  1. It’s one of many episodes that prove that infamous and unlikable characters such as Jeffy can still have good episodes centered around them.
  2. Jeffy’s rapper outfit is very fitting for Jeffy’s character, and it looks cool and appealing.
  3. Jeffy’s song “Why?” is pretty good and catchy, although a bit generic.
  4. Toad’s rapping career finally returns in this episode, and it comes back with a bang as the song Toad sings is admittedly better then Jeffy’s rap.
  5. It spawned a good sequel that’s very faithful to the original and is admittedly better than the original.
  6. It’s one of the most popular Jeffy episodes, and one of the most popular SML episodes in general, reaching 63M views.
  7. A decent ending where Toad shoots Jeffy, giving him comeuppance for all the things he did in this episode.

Bad Qualities

  1. ”Why”, while not a particularly bad song, is pretty boring and generic since it’s mostly just Jeffy saying “Why?” over a generic beat.
  2. Jeffy says the n-word, completely uncensored, which can offend some African-American people.
  3. Jeffy does some things that were too inappropriate for him to do at the time, such as eating pussy and and shooting an old woman.


Jeffy the Rapper was acclaimed by SML fans, being considered one of the best Jeffy videos.


  • Jeffy’s rapper outfit became available on SML


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