SML Movie: The Candy Salesmen

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SML Movie: The Candy Salesmen
Candy is candy.jpg
Ow. Ow. Owie, ow. I'm having a heart attack.
Series: SuperMarioLogan
Part of Season: 13
Episode Number: 2
Air Date: January 9, 2021
Previous episode: Mr. Goodman's Revenge
Next episode: Jeffy the Sheep

The Candy Salesmen is the 2nd episode of the 13th season of SML.


In order to win some prizes, Bowser Junior, Joseph, and Cody go around selling boxes of chocolate bars.

Why It Rocks

  1. It's a good reenactment of old school fundraisers.
  2. The humor, while it can get stupid at times, is good for the most part.
  3. This is one of the few episodes that have an excellent choice of characters, including various side-characters that don't appear very often.
  4. The scene where Bowser Junior and Joseph give Hansel three free boxes of candy bars is a very nice-spirited and heartwarming scene.
  5. Chef Pee Pee's boast about school fundraisers is very accurate.
  6. The scene where Tyrone tries to cover up the fact that he's cheating is pretty funny.
  7. Jeffy is thankfully pushed to the side this time.
    • On top of that, he's actually pretty likable in this episode, which is surprising considering it's Jeffy.
  8. Bowser Junior not answering the door at the end. This was a smart move because situations like that could lead to a bad ending.

Bad Qualities

  1. The scene where Bowser Junior fakes a heart attack could be seen as offensive by people who have heart attacks frequently.
  2. Bowser Junior is still pretty dumb in this episode.
  3. The "Cody's Mom is fat" jokes.


The Candy Salesmen was met with positive reviews from the SML fandom.


  • Cody saying his last pair of handcuffs broke is a reference to a previous SML episode "Cody's Handcuffs".
  • The video was originally going to be called "The School Fundraiser", but was changed since not everything in the episode had to do with fundraisers.




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