STIX (Seasons 3-present)

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STIX is a Australian-American traditional animated web-series that first premiered on July 22nd, 2014. The show is created and produced by YouTuber Mitchell Tansell, who's also worked on reviews and plush series as well as animation.


The show centers on two friends named Jacob and Larry. Two friends who live in a house together. Jacob is the oddball and confusing one, while Larry is the sarcastic one.

Why It Rocks Now

  1. It’s a big improvement over the first 2 seasons.
  2. Despite the plots being simple like the first 2 seasons of The Loud House , but it’s execution is decent.
  3. Good episodes like “Beginning Things”, “Desert Disaster”, “Love Me, Love My Yoshi”, and more!
  4. The creater, [1]Mitchell Tansell, had created other shows like “The Toy Show”, “Ordinary Girl”, “Let’s Tackle”, and more! But these shows are the memorable ones, including STIX.
  5. The animation used to be cheap and AWFUL, especially the audio, but S2 was a slight improvement over Season 1. But now, the animation is really solid, especially from Episode 32 onwards.
  6. There’s a movie based on the show in production, but it’s also a remake of the mediocre 2016 movie.
  7. It’s reboot STIX Reborn, despite being remakes of the first two seasons, It’s still good as the main series

Bad Qualities

  1. There is some bad episodes but mostly from the first 2 seasons.
  2. it was a Dick Figures rip-off.
  3. Characters was flanderization from the first 2 seasons.
  4. The episodes are very short and very fast pace. At least 5-6 minutes or the same episode length as Ordinary Girl.