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Sabrina: The Animated Series

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Sabrina: The Animated Series
Sabrina, she'll be a witch ya!
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 22 Minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 6, 1999 –
February 27, 2000
Network(s): UPN (Disney's One Too)
ABC (Disney's One Saturday Morning)
Created by: Savage Steve Holland
Kat Likkel
Distributed by: Buena Vista Television (North America)
Buena Vista International Television (Internationally)
Starring: Emily Hart
Nick Bakay
Melissa Joan Hart
Jay Brazeau
Bill Switzer
Cree Summer
Chantal Strand
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 65
Next show: Sabrina: Friends Forever (2002)

Sabrina: The Animated Series is an American animated children's television series based on the Archie Comics character Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It was produced by Savage Studios Ltd. and Hartbreak Films in association with DiC Entertainment, which was owned by Disney at the time.


The series features 12-year-old Sabrina Spellman, who's half-mortal and half-witch. Though few people know of her powers, and her mortal uncle frequently warns her not to use her magic to solve problems, Sabrina still borrows spells from the Spookie Jar and gets into trouble with her friend Harvey. Star Emily Hart is joined by Nick Bakay and her older sister, Melissa Joan Hart.

Why It Rocks

  1. The series remains faithful to both the original Archie Comics and the live-action sitcom, mixing the best of both worlds into one cartoon.
  2. The returning characters retain their charm:
    • Sabrina remains likable as she was in the sitcom, she is fun-going, cares for her friends, and has a quick wit and sense of humor.
    • Salem retains his sarcastic and jerky personality that made his depiction in the sitcom funny. He also shows signs of magic as well.
    • Hilda and Zelda, despite having been de-aged into teenagers, retain their fun nature.
    • Harvey has been made more ditsy and cute in this series, and his friendship with Sabrina is very strong and nice.
  3. Characters who were made especially for this cartoon are good additions to the Sabrina franchise.
    • Chloe Flan, Sabrina's best friend is funny and cracks out great one-liners, and is unique that she is the only non-relative who knows Sabrina's secret that she is a half-witch.
    • Uncle Quigley, the Spellmans Uncle, makes a good voice of reason for Sabrina and showing that magic doesn't help everything in life.
    • Gem Stone, despite being the mean girl and replacement to Libby from the Sitcom and Amy Reinhardt from the comics (both before and after the comics based on this show, also brought back for the Secrets of a Teenage Witch cartoon, which was based loosely on the manga in which she appears), makes for a good alternative rival for Sabrina and even she has her nice moments at times.
    • Pi McDonald, Harvey's best friend and a member of Sabrina's friend group, is a fan-favorite character who despite only appearing in a couple episodes is beloved for his high intelligence and quirky dialogue.
    • The Spookie Jar has a good personality, and even shows signs of being quite creepy at times. He is where Sabrina gets most of her spells from.
    • Tim the Witch Smeller makes for a good intimidating antagonist in the episodes he appears in for a mainly light-hearted series.
    • Enchantra, a British witch and the leader of the witches, who appears in a few episodes, is an entertaining character who despite being somewhat arrogant and bossy, ultimately is a good person who cares about others, and also has an appealing design.
  4. The animation is good for DIC Entertainment standards, with a nice color scheme that matches Disney shows in a similar way.
  5. Being developed by Savage Steve Holland, this series itself shares a similar style of humor to his other cartoon Eek! the Cat, which is good enough on it's own. There are many good pop-culture references, one-liners, and overall crazy scenes.
  6. Cool and catchy theme song was made by the Irish band, B-Witched.
  7. The voice acting is good:
    • Emily Hart makes for a good younger version of Sabrina.
    • Mellissa Joan Hart as Hilda and Zelda is nothing short but a laugh riot and makes the characters who they are in this series. It's always funny to see her argue with herself as two different characters.
    • Nick Bakay's reprisal as Salem would definitely impress fans of the sitcom, and although he isn't as funny, he is still a great character otherwise.
    • Cree Summer as Chloe Fran is also a great match. Her voice matches her character perfectly and is nothing short but spot-on.
    • Bill Switzer also does a good job as Harvey Kinkle and even matched some of his own personality traits into the character, including his skateboarding skills. His role as Harvey is almost as good as his role as Presley Carnovan in Mummies Alive!.
    • Chantal Strand not only does an excellent job playing Gem, but also does nicely voicing Pi and Bernard.
  8. After its ending, the series spawned a TV movie as part of the DIC Movie Toons series, called: Sabrina: Friends Forever!, which despite having a different voice cast to the show was still a great movie otherwise.
  9. It also spanned a reboot of the Sabrina comics, which used characters and settings from this series.

Bad Qualities

  1. The series was advertised as a spin-off of the live-action series and borrowing certain elements from it, in reality, this show was set in the original Archie Comics canon.
  2. It only lasted one season.
  3. There are a few bad episodes, like Anywhere But Here.
  4. Its follow-up series, Sabrina's Secret Life isn't as good as the original, and it's produced by the infamous Les Studios Tex.
  5. It also got an even worse reboot that ruined the franchise.
  6. While the animation is great, it suffers from many errors as to be expected for a DIC cartoon, and it can go off-model at times.
    • Beside that, it also suffers from many audio errors.


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