Sand Castles In The Sand (SpongeBob SquarePants)

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"Sand Castles in the Sand" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season six, and as such, it is the first half of the show's 121st episode.

A good episode from season 6? Who would've thought?
"I'm going to the beach with my best friend!"


What seems to be a pleasant day at the beach between two best friends turns into something completely different when Patrick destroys SpongeBob's sand castle. From this point, SpongeBob divides himself and Patrick and recreated his sand castle, only to have it destroyed by Patrick once again. After many challenges by Patrick, a pleasant day at the beach turns into a hardcore war where SpongeBob and Patrick both use sand creations to battle each other.

Why It Rocks

SpongeBob runs into Patrick's sand horses.
  1. Brought back the charm of Seasons 1 to 3, such as a minimum of gross-out jokes and characters that are actually likable.
  2. Pretty good animation and very entertaining battle scenes, such as the random scene between SpongeBob's tank and Patrick's mech.
  3. Promotes creativity.
  4. Very funny scenes, such as when the cannonball Patrick launched at SpongeBob's men defies the laws of physics and flies over the wall into the castle to destroy the men.
  5. Interesting war theme.
  6. Creative sand designs, especially the castles.
  7. Noticeable improvement in the voice acting.
  8. It's a Spongebob and Patrick episode, which is very refreshing considering Season 6's lineup of episodes.
  9. Teaches a great moral about making peace with your friends after a fight.
  10. Exciting and unpredictable plot.

Bad Qualities

  1. The use of Patrick's unlikable shtick in most scenes, especially the beginning of the episode.
  2. SpongeBob is very annoying on the bus.
  3. The animation (while still good) has some disturbing moments like Patrick ripping his skin.


This episode received very positive reviews from fans and critics alike. In no time, it was considered the best episode of one of the worst seasons. It even got a 7.7 out of 10 rating on IMDb. However, this episode stirred up a tiny bit of controversy regarding the use of tanks, planes, war in general, etc. in a kids show.




7 months ago
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I agree.

Dame da ne

5 months ago
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one of the best post movie spongebob episoded

Dame da ne

5 months ago
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3 months ago
Score 4
This episode is solid proof that Zeus Cervas and Casey Alexander are not bad writers.

Code yellow

2 months ago
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Code yellow

2 days ago
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i really love this :)

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