School's Out!: The Musical (The Fairly OddParents)

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School's Out!: The Musical


The Fairly OddParents' version of High School Musical, Dear Evan Hansen, and Heathers.
Series: The Fairly OddParents
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 58–59
Air Date: June 11, 2004 (Australia)
March 25, 2005 (Latin America)
June 10, 2005 (United States)
Writer: Steve Marmel
Butch Hartman
Director: Butch Hartman
Run Time 44 Minutes
Previous episode: Genie Meanie Minie Mo
Next episode: Nega-Timmy (Season 5)

"School's Out!: The Musical" is the twenty-eighth and final episode in the fourth season of The Fairly OddParents. It's also the third television movie as well as the only musical of the series.


Summer has just begun, and all of the kids and their fairies are excited about their time-off. Unfortunately, their fun is short-lived because of the Pixies and the clown-turned businessman, Flappy Bob (who originally offered to keep the kids at his day care until school begins), attempt to take over the world. Timmy then becomes president of "KidWorld" and must figure out a way to stop them, or everyone's vacation will be ruined.

Why This Fairly Musical Rocks

  1. The animation and the musical numbers are well done. A good example being the title sequence, the opening credits, and ending credits.
  2. Loads of catchy songs. For a complete list:
    • "Kids Just Being Kids"
    • "Get Flappy"
    • "Adults Ruin Everything"
    • "Da Pixie"
    • "Ten and in Charge"
    • "Pull Back the Fairies"
    • "Where Is the Fun?"
    • "Floating With You"
    • "Unfundamentals"
    • "The Reprise Remix"
  3. Tons of funny moments, such as the song "Pull Back the Fairies", as listed above.
  4. The song "Floating With You" is both beautiful and heartwarming. Additionally, it shows how Cosmo and Wanda met each other.
  5. Lots of heartwarming and emotional moments, like the song mentioned in #WIR4, when Cosmo and Wanda need to cross the rainbow bridge before it is dissolved, or when Flappy questioning if what he is doing is what he really wants.
  6. The Pixies are great antagonists in this special, with them raising Flappy Bob to become a businessman instead of a clown, and put the kids in Learnatorium during the summer vacation, as a way to take over both Fairy World and the Earth.
  7. Flappy Bob redeems himself and starts to help Timmy in the fourth arc.
  8. Great ending: Flappy Bob finally meet again his parents who have been searching for him for 37 years, while Wanda reunites with Cosmo again, later Cosmo and Wanda turn everything at the Learnatorium fun and put on a concert, while the kids' parents finally see how much fun the kids are really having and decide to join them.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. Despite showing how Cosmo and Wanda meet each other, as said in #WIR8, this moment tends to be contradicted in future episodes.


  • This is the only musical episode in the entire series.
  • This episode is dedicated to Ray Charles who died a year before this episode premiere.


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