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Secret × Heroine Phantomirage!

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The Phantom Thieves of Justice, Secret Heroine Phantomirage! We will take back your uncool heart!

Secret × Heroine Phantomirage! (ひみつ×戦士 ファントミラージュ!, Himitsu Senshi Fantomirāju!) is a Japanese television drama series that aired from April 7, 2019 to June 28, 2020. It is the third installment of the Girls × Heroine Series produced by Takara Tomy and OLM, Inc. with the assistance of Shogakukan and EXPG Studio. The series stars Minami Hishida, Kira Yamaguchi, Toa Harada, and Ran Ishii. Additional cast members include Mandy Sekiguchi, Tsubasa Honda, and Takumi Saitoh, with narration provided by Toshiyuki Toyonaga. The plot is centered on Phantomirage, a group of middle school gentleman thieves who fight the Gyakugyaku Police and steal the treasures in people's hearts. This was also the last installment of the Girls × Heroine series to be produced in the Heisei period and the first to be produced in the Reiwa period.

The show launched a brief idol career for the main cast, who hold music activities as the Japanese idol girl group Mirage2 and Girls2 to promote the show. Following the show's end in 2020, it was succeeded by Police × Heroine Lovepatrina!.

Why It Took Back Our Hearts

  1. The acting is perfectly executed by the talented Minami Hishida and many others.
  2. The transformation scenes are detailed and amazing to witness.
  3. Emotional moments such as Yotsuba giving a speech in episode 64.
  4. Kumachii, whilst being a CGi-animated bear fairy, has a best voice out of all the magical girl genre.
  5. The Reverse Police are proper villains and are executed perfectly.
  6. The Phantomis have their own personalities, such as Kokomi being energetic and clumsy and Seira being mature and a older sister figure.
  7. The opening "Daijoubu" and endings by Mirage2 are perfectly arranged and well made for 2019 standards.
  8. It is a first Girls x Heroine series to be in a Reiwa period because Naruhito became a emperor.
  9. The movie Gekijōban: Secret × Heroine Phantomirage!: Eiga ni Natte Chōdaishimasu shows how a cinemarche is properly made.
  10. The weapons they use are perfectly crafted by the executives.

Bad Qualities

  1. The opening "Chuwapane!" can be painful to listen to at times due to the song itself being repetitive.
  2. The narrator, whilst being excitable, is annoying and ear-splitting to many due to him screaming most of the lines, therefore making the viewer being put off by the screaming.
  3. Sarai was originally unlikeable in her first few appearances as a villain slave to SakaSama, but since being purified she began to be more likeable and redeemed herself.


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