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Shaun the Sheep

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Shaun the Sheep
Shaun the sheep.jpg
🎵He's Shaun the Sheep, he’s Shaun the Sheep
He doesn't miss a trick or ever lose a beat!
Genre: Stop-motion animation
Running Time: 7 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Release Date: March 5, 2007 – present
Network(s): CBBC (2007 - Present)
MBC3 (2015 - Present, Middle East)
MNCTV (2011 - Present)
Netflix (2020 - Present)
Created by: Nick Park
Distributed by: Aardman Animations
Starring: Justin Fletcher
John Sparkes
Kate Harbour
Richard Webber
Emma Tate
Andy Nyman
Simon Greenall
Jo Allen
Seasons: 6
Episodes: 170

Shaun the Sheep is a British stop-motion claymation television series by and Aardman Animations, and serves as a spin-off to Wallace & Gromit.


Shaun the Sheep thinks and acts like a person in a barnyard, which usually gets him into trouble. The farmer's sheepdog, Bitzer, tries to keep Shaun and his friends out of trouble. The farmer is oblivious to the humanlike features of his flock, who are like one big, happy family.

Why It's Shaun the Sheep

  1. Unlike many other shows where the comic-relief character is the main star of their own show, Shaun the Sheep is one of those rare examples where a show based of a comic-relief character actually ends up being great.
  2. Many of the characters in this show are very enjoyable and have a lot of personality despite them not speaking in any dialogue:
    • Shaun is portrayed as the leader of the flock and the voice of reason, but is also a bit mishevious at times.
    • Bitzer is portrayed as the voice of reason who is very loyal towards the farmer.
    • The Farmer is portrayed as the main authority of the farm but is also quite childish and absent-minded at times.
  3. Became one of Aardman's most popular and beloved shows.
  4. Just like the other media by Aardman Animations, the animation is great.
  5. Along with Morph, another Aardman show, this show stands out as it has no dialogue, which is unique as a lot of stuff from Aardman have dialogue.
    • Despite the lack of dialogue, the voice acting from the main cast is very good and pleasant to listen to, with them giving the characters very enjoyable performances, most notably with Justin Fletcher's performance as Shaun, who does a fantastic job at voicing him.
  6. The interactions between the farmer and Bitzer are very fun to watch.
  7. It works well with it's slice-of-life feel.
  8. Many of the episodes are well-written and often have different and unique plots from each other.
  9. It has a very charming sense of humour and lots of the episodes can have some very amusing moments at times.
  10. The animation and backgrounds are appealing and nicely-detailed, with them being designed in a way where they look realistic.
  11. The theme song, "Life's a Treat", is catchy and memorable.
  12. Watching Shaun and the other sheep having fun with each other never gets old.
  13. It spawned a spin-off called Timmy Time and two theatrical movies.
  14. Many memorable moments.

Bad Qualities

  1. Bitzer can be unlikable at times.
    • In addition, he can be somewhat of a butt-monkey at times, whether it's being scolded by The Farmer for something that was beyond the scope of his control or being constantly tormented and/or mocked by Shaun and his flock for their mild enjoyments.
  2. In season 2, some of the character designs notably changed for some strange reason (such as Bitzer's). But in season 3, they oddly changed back to their season 1 designs.
  3. Like Oggy and the Cockroaches, the Hindi dub included unnecessary dialogue for the characters, which not only takes away the charm and uniqueness from the series, but it looks weird and out of place for the characters as their mouths don't lip-sync to their lines at all.


  • When the show aired on MBC3 in the Middle East, all the scenes with the pigs were deleted because pork is considered forbidden by most people living there. Here's an example.



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