Skatoony (Marblemedia era)

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The show where kids and toons compete for prizes!

Skatoony is children's game show created by James Fox and Brian Boyle for Teletoon and Cartoon Network.

Why This Era Rocks

  1. A concept of a games show of kids vs toons is pretty cool.
  2. It has better voice-acting than the FremantleMedia Animation era.
  3. Every episode (except "Space: The Final Souffle", "Pre-School Problem", and "It Could Be You!") has contestants from Total Drama, which makes it more exciting. And as of Season 3, characters from Jimmy Two-Shoes are compete in this show.
  4. The show has fun Round 2 & Round 3 games. Plus the first round "Bang On! or Bogus?" is a creative true-or-false game.
  5. Chudd Chudders and The Earl make very good hosts for the show.
  6. Chris McLean even did a celebrity host in the episode "Pop Video".
  7. Every episode has a story plot while they continue as a game show.
  8. Funniest and awesome songs, such as "You're Outta Here," and "Danger Grid of Doom."

Bad Qualities

  1. Even though, this game is kids vs cartoons, there are no cartoons that won the game.
  2. Charles La Puck in the Marblemedia era can be a pretty unlikable character, but not as unlikable as Tony Eagle-Eyes from the FremantleMedia Animation era.
  3. The FremantleMedia Animation era may be okay, but it isn't very tolerant.


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