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Sky Channel

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Sky Channel
Sky Channel.png
Europe goes cable and satellite.
Genre: Cable and satellite TV programming
Country: Europe
Release Date: April 26, 1982
Created by: Connor Baskey

Sky Channel was a satellite television channel in Europe that was broadcast in the 1980s and went on to become Sky One (launched in 1989), which closed down on September 1, 2021 to become Sky Max.

Why It Reached Out To You

  1. It was the very first cable/satellite television network in Europe!
  2. It was a very HUGE start of SKY Television's legacy.
  3. Sky Channel is famous among most British television viewers, who dreamed of having cable and satellite television.
  4. Its creative logo.
  5. Its announcer, Bruce Hammal.
  6. It had great original shows, including The DJ Kat Show and Fun Factory.
  7. Its very decent on-air graphics for the 1980s standards.
  8. It uses Richard Allen Harvey's Triumph.
  9. Some amazing jingles such as "We're the One" and "Still the One" (despite originally used for Disney's ABC network in America and Channel 7 in Australia), given the fact how Sky was the number one cable channel in Britain.
  10. The success of Sky Channel led the launch of the company, SKY Television.


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