Sleepover (Bluey)

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Sleepover is the 39th episode of the first season of Bluey.

The Sleepover
The Sleepover.png
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 39
Air Date: April 13, 2019
Writer: TBA.
Director: TBA.
Run Time 7:00
Previous episode: Copycat
Next episode: Early Baby


Bluey and Bingo's cousin Muffin arrives for a sleepover in an extremely tired state. Uncle Stripe explains that Muffin is transitioning from her daily naps. The sisters stay up late and play a game with Muffin, before helping her get to sleep when they realize she is exhausted.

Why it Rocks

  1. It's one of the funniest episode ever, especially if you count Muffin's behaviour.
  2. Countless memorable quotes, such as "My name is Bububabu", "I HATE PLAAAANTSS!!!", "I'm the flamingo queen!", "Next stop, the museum" and "Coconuts have water in them".
  3. Aside from being hilarious, it also has a good message about why you should sleep at the appropriate time.
  4. Amazing soundtrack, which was also reused from The Claw.
  5. The part where Muffin starts to sleep is really cute.

Bad Qualities

  1. Muffin, while she is funny in the episode, may still annoy people.
  2. There's an error in the subtitles: The subtitles read "idigamadama" instead of what Muffin actually says (which is "Eating a banana").


  • In the scene where Bingo, Bluey and Muffin dine at a restaurant, a dog plushie that clearly resembles Undertale’s Sans can be seen for a few moments.