Sold! (Kick Buttowski)

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Sold! (Kick Buttowski)
Screenshot 20210816-061725.jpg
"It's the best day ever!" - Kick.
Part of Season: 2a
Episode Number: 6a
Air Date: June 25, 2011
Writer: Derek Dressler
Director: Chris Savino
Previous episode: Truth or Daredevil
Next episode: Faceplant!

"Sold!" is the first half of the sixth episode in the second season's first half of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.


When Kick accidentally breaks Gunther's viking clock, he replaces it by playing with Jackie, then at the end Kick discovers Gunther has more than one!

Why It Rocks

  1. Although Kick accidentally breaks Gunther's valuable viking cuckoo clock, he is still likable for avoiding the evidence and going to a daredevil auction to play with Wacky Jackie for a day and marry her to get the money for a new one.
  2. Although Wacky Jackie would usually annoy Kick, she actually does the things he wants, like giving him Billy Stumps cereal, having the last copy of Destructa Con '87, drinking some homemade Cheetah Chug, skating a giant stunt with a lucky skate wheel and sliding down a sewer slide.
  3. The "wedding" party Jackie planned looks very cool a la Kick Buttowski.
  4. Plot Twist: It turns out that Gunther didn't care about the viking cuckoo clock and was only upset as he thought that Kick found a new best friend.
  5. Good Ending: Although Kick pushes the wedding stand and all the party stuff, Kick doesn't accept to be Jackie's husband and fireworks explode, and somehow Jackie still thinks it's her dream wedding. But when Kick needed to replace Gunther's clock, it turns out he had lots of them and gave it as a gift to Jackie, and it ends with an orchestra playing end music.

Bad Qualities

  1. Plot Holes:
    • How could Jackie climb into Kick's House at the crack of dawn?
    • In real life, before getting married, you would still have to go through school education levels and college, meaning that Jackie would be too young to get married.
  2. The place where she got the lucky wheel was very creepy, as she tied the person named after it and got it there, and while the party looked good, she decided to get married without Kick's consent.


  • This episode, along with Faceplant!, hold a rating of 7.2 out of 10 on IMDB.


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