Star vs. the Forces of Evil (seasons 1 & 2)

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Star vs. the Forces of Evil (seasons 1 & 2)


🎵"It's gonna get a little weird, Gonna get a little wild. I ain't from 'round here, I'm from another dimension."🎵

Genre: Magical girl
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: January 18, 2015 – May 19, 2019
Network(s): Disney Channel
Disney XD
Created by: Daron Nefcy
Distributed by: Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Starring: Eden Sher
Adam McArthur
Alan Tudyk
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 77 (137 segments)

Star vs. the Forces of Evil is an animated television show aired in January 18, 2015 and ended on May 19, 2019. It airs on Disney Channel and Disney XD.


Star Butterfly, the 14 year-old princess of the dimension of Mewni inherits her family's magic wand as part of her family's tradition. However her reckless nature forces her parents to send her away to our dimension to help her train. She enrolls in high school and befriends a 14-year old karate student named Marco Diaz and becomes his host sister. However, an evil, yet incompetent, monster named Ludo seeks Star's wand for ultimate power while an even greater evil in the form of Toffee seeks his missing finger.

Why These Seasons From Another Dimension Rock

  1. The animation is very fluid, gorgeous, and cute, from the start giving us flash animation, then changed to hand-drawn animation.
  2. Very likable characters, especially Star and Marco.
  3. Well written story with comedy and action.
  4. Heavily inspired (or the tamed deconstruction of that genre) by the magical girl genre such as Sailor Moon.
  5. Some subtle dark fantastical comedy and funny moments.
  6. Good character designs.
  7. Heroic and catchy but also amazing theme song.
  8. Sorta had a perfect introduction, as to explain who the characters are very well (But it gets good as the series continues).
  9. Star and Marco are very cute together and have a pretty good chemistry, the contrast between Star's craziness and Marco's practicality is very interesting.
  10. Plently of great episodes like:
    • Mewberty
    • Mewnipendance Day
    • Freeze Day
    • Storm the Castle
    • Diaz Family Vacation
    • Friendenemies
    • Sleepover
    • Ludo in The Wild
    • Into the Wand
    • On the Job
    • Hungry Larry
    • Mathmagic

Bad Qualities

  1. While most dirty jokes are subtle, the episode, Mr. Candle Cares, takes it way too far.
  2. The show arguably went downhill starting in season 3, as the show started to focus too much on the romance drama, the fantastical racism against monsters in Mewni became the series’ new main plot just suddenly, a bit right after Toffee’s death, without building up too much from the previous two seasons, and each episode had too many writers working on it, result few both old and new ideas becoming cut and mostly never used again, as pre-established in the first two seasons, as a result.
    • Multiple characters became flanderized in the later seasons with the Flanderization at its worst in the fourth and final season. The magical high commission, especially Rhombulus were flanderized in their bigotry to the point where they had all their redeeming qualities taken away and turned into one note villains.
    • Season 4 was extremely rushed because it only aired for 2 months and lasted for 21 episodes.
    • The four-part series finale, including the final episode, Cleaved is a bit rushed, as it just goes on too fast of Star destroying the magic, all due (also being a bad plot twist, as well) of her mother, Moon, is somehow literally can't let go of what Eclipsa did on her from the final couple Season 3 episodes, despite knowing that Eclipsa's daughter–then-now called by from her–Meteora (formerly Miss Heinous), was that giant monster, attacking Mewni; but basically ignores the consequences of destroying the magic, off-screen. Also, the ending comes out of nowhere, and treating it as a happy ending somehow.
  3. Like Rough Draft Studios' work in Steven Universe, their work in this show (starting in season 2) is considered a bit of a step down from that of the more fluid Mercury Filmworks and Toon City, though it does have the advantage of being the only studio to animate the series traditionally.
  4. Star could occasionally be unlikeable, an example being one episode where a Swedish exchange student (who's actually an American) gains the attention of Marco and his parents and Star gets so jealous, that she gets this ridiculous conspiracy theory that the boy is a cannibal who wants to eat her friends, and even later tries to kill him, until she actually starts thinking, and gets no comeuppance for attempted murder based on jealousy. In her defense, however, he was acting EXTREMELY suspiciously for most of the episode.


  • The show was originally pitched to Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon before being pitched to Disney.



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